NewsCXT Software introduces the latest release of X Dispatch 17

CXT Software introduces the latest release of X Dispatch logistics software with route optimization and breakthrough performance features


Phoenix, AZ. (July, 2017) – CXT Software introduced the latest release X Dispatch 17 with route optimization and a faster, more powerful system for placing orders and dispatching drivers. Designed to solve the unique logistics challenges of on-demand and delivery companies, X Dispatch gives users the tools to compete with national shipping companies.

“This is by far the most robust product release we’ve ever created with even more tools and features for on-demand delivery and logistics companies – and it is just the beginning,” said Lyndon Edmonson, Co-Founder and CEO of CXT Software. “We re-engineered entire sections of the software and built-in route optimization to dramatically improve how dispatch and delivery maximize workflows.”

Groundbreaking Performance Powered by X Dispatch

X Dispatch, business enterprise software, comes with drag-and-drop dashboards that streamline dispatch and route monitoring, and intelligent distribution capabilities with the ability to auto assign deliveries or drivers for maximum performance. 

More Powerful System for Placing Orders Online 

The all-new Rapidship online order entry interface quickly processes orders from a single screen using drop-down menus, filter features, and type-ahead searching for saved addresses. The elegantly redesigned interface provides customers with an intuitive layout for ease-of-use and built-in themes for order screens, labels and text.

Route Optimization that Recalibrates in Real-Time for Maximized Efficiency

Routes update in real-time, throughout a driver’s shift, providing the shortest distance and fastest time to complete their work while still observing time windows for each stop. Optimal sequencing considers a driver’s position at all times and calculates ETAs for all assigned stops, informing immediate updates for dispatch, if a driver is expected to arrive late.

“We’re thrilled to share this new, technology with our customers because the new routing algorithm will generate an instant uptick in their productivity, ultimately adding to their bottom line,” says Jim Luciani, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales of CXT Software. “Our development team has hit their stride, in terms of uncovering the solutions that will continue to position our customers as strong competitors in a changing market.”

For more information regarding CXT Software, including the 17 release, or to schedule a live product demo, visit or call (602) 265-0195.


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