NewsNextstop Mobile 2.4 Product Release

CXT Software is excited to announce the release of Nextstop Mobile version 2.4.  This version provides several new features along with updates and enhancements.  Below is a shortened list highlighting some of the really cool new features in version 2.4.  Please click the link below to see the full release notes and a more comprehensive list of all the new updates.

Please keep in mind the list below requires the core X Dispatch application has been upgraded to Version 17.1 or newer.

  • Master Barcode – Drivers can utilize a master barcode, which can be used to associate multiple parcel scans with one barcode (useful when wrapping pallets, or locking totes). This feature requires the “Create Master Barcodes” permission in the Mobile Option Sets. Drivers can scan a master barcode and mark all associated parcels as scanned.
  • Accessorial Charges – Drivers can be given permission to view, edit, and/or add accessorials items to an order through their mobile device, and no longer have to contact the dispatcher to make updates.  Accessorial item views can be controlled through the Maintenance>Items>Mobile Item field, where accessorials can either be removed completely from the driver view or set to be a checkbox or quantity item.  Accessorial items can be removed when created on the Accessorial screen.
  • Required Driver Input (RDI) – Allows customer to create customized fields for both On Demand orders and Route Stops, that will require drivers to input data to these fields before progressing through their workflow.  For example, “Check Fridge” could be a field the driver must toggle to “Confirm”.
  • Drivers can flag an on demand order as “next stop”, so dispatchers are aware of the changes.
  • Orders will not automatically be consolidated until confirmed.
  • Managers can decide how many stops are displayed in the stops list.


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