NewsX Dispatch 17.1 Release

The latest release from CXT Software. Version 17.1 takes a giant step forward in capabilities that improve your operation. We’ve included a few key improvements below, along with a link to full release notes.
Route Optimization

  • Performance and accuracy improvements that provide the best routing solutions for both On Demand orders and Route stops

Data Integrations

  • Faster data integrations with each process now executing in its own application domain, allowing for greater memory management, process isolation and improved system stability
  • More detailed and accurate logging that will help with pro-active and efficient resolutions to integration exceptions


  • Expanded configurability with Mobile Option Sets in the Maintenance section, allowing easier configurations of mobile users
  • Customized driver workflows on Nextstop Mobile, providing a specific workflow and required input for drivers on that workflow
  • Master Barcodes
  • Accessorial Section


  • Parcel dimensions can now be required when placing orders online
  • Customers can now access an invoice section in Rapidship where they can view, print, email and download their invoices
  • Customers can now create order templates where they can save addresses, special instructions, references, service types and more
  • Auto Print Shipping Labels is now available, making it faster and easier for user to automatically print a variety of shipping labels
  • Broadcast Messages alerting all customers in Rapidship with important updates


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