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CXT Software’s Nested Parcel feature let’s you know what’s in the box so there are no surprises.
You have complete order inventory at all times.

Here’s How it Works: Parcel items are individual items (a.k.a. inventory) inside of the main parcel. Using the Nested Parcel feature, you can now create “item types” within a single parcel/package. This allows customers to track inventory during the chain of custody when items are part of a larger order.

Too Technical? Let’s Take a Closer Look with Real-World Examples:

  • Labs ~ Consider different test tubes, with colored lids or fluid types
  • Automotive ~ What about hoses, shocks and fuses
  • Customize Your Own ~ Anything you put in a parcel!

Using Nextstop, CXT Software’s driver app, inventories are checked in/out and nestled parcel inventories are verified – all with a simple scan!

This is just another way that we’re working to reduce headaches and streamline processes for our customers. Ready to learn more? Use the link to schedule a demo and get started.


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