Did You Know?CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Fields


CRM fields are useful for tracking customized information for your customers.

CRM fields are added and edited in Maintenance > CRM Fields.  Often, customers use this feature to document details about clients such as special dates, preferences, and points of contact – however, the sky’s the limit!

When adding a new CRM Field, click “New”, enter the field name, and select the type.

  • TextField: allows text to be added by the user
  • ComboBox: allows both text field and a drop down list
  • DropDownList: select from a drop down list

After CRM Fields have been added in Maintenance, they are displayed in the CRM tab
on all existing customer records in your system.

You can also report on the information in the CRM fields.  A Query can be found in
the CXT Advanced Find Service:


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