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X Dispatch 19+ and Nexstop 3 have a new feature that allows you to force drivers to keep GPS enabled, so you can track their progress and location.

With constant and reliable GPS data, your customers can track their package by viewing driver locations on a map inside Rapidship, and you can view driver locations and see historical breadcrumb trails in X Tracking. Contact technical support to learn more! Visit our support portal or call us at (602) 265-0195.

Force GPS

If enabled, this feature checks to ensure the mobile device being used has Location Services Enabled. If not, Nextstop turns into “read-only” mode and restricts drivers from performing any updates, confirming new work, or moving through their existing workflow in Nextstop Mobile 3.

To enable this setting, navigate to the Maintenance section in X Dispatch and select the Mobile Options Sets tab. From there, you can create a new mobile option set or edit an existing one. You’ll find the GPS Required checkbox at the very bottom of the options menu under GPS Interval.


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