NewsUsing the API to Create an Order in 5 Easy Steps ~ Developers, this one’s for you!

Easy is relative, right?! Trust us, while interacting with an API sounds complicated, for developers, using an API to create orders and integrate with trading partners is straightforward and easy to implement. We’re here to help your developers understand and use our API – below are a few steps to get started! Our full technical documentation is available here.

The API has a wide range of possible uses, and various tools can be used. For this walkthrough we’ll use the documentation UI portal to create an order. Although this documentation UI portal would not typically be used to interface with the API for a completed integration solution, it can be used for development and testing.


1. Navigate to the Appropriate URL

Each CXT Software customer has their own dedicated documentation UI portal URL. Not sure what it is? See the Getting Started section of our documentation here.  

Once you have the right URL, the web page should look something like this:


2. Obtain an Authorization Token

Authorization tokens are provided as a result of authentication (providing user/password credentials, in order to interact with the database). Authentication is based on user-types, depending on which action needs to be taken with the API. For more details, see the Authenticate section of our documentation here.

To create an order, authenticate using an “Internet User” type.


3. Add the authorization token to the field at the top of the webpage


See detail here regarding valid authentication duration, for each user type.


4. Locate the POST endpoint called “/v1/Orders” and create the order request

You can find this endpoint under the “Orders” and “Supported” sections.

Similar to how authentication was achieved, expand the v1/Orders row to interact with the API endpoint for creating a new on demand order.  Single click, to populate the “Model Schema” into the “orderRequest” box, and replace the schema values with your order details.


Here’s an example, with basic and required order fields (the bold values represent sample data)

  "order": {
    "custId": 1,
    "readyTimeFrom": 1594836000000,
    "orderType": 5050,
    "origin": {
      "name": "Mystery Castle",
      "address1": "800 E Mineral Rd",
      "city": "Phoenix",
      "state": "AZ",
      "zip": "85042",
    "destination": {
      "name": "Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village",
      "address1": "336 AZ-179",
      "city": "Sedona",
      "state": "AZ",
      "zip": "86336",


Tech Tip

Dates should be entered in milliseconds (in UTC time) for JSON requests.  In the above example,1594836000000 converts to Jul 15 2020 18:00:00 UTC (11:00:00 Pacific Time).

5. Click “Try it out!” to create the order

If the post is successful, the Response Body will contain your order number!


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