NewsX Route: The one-and-only dedicated route distribution module on the market

X Route is a true stand-alone distribution module, meaning it is a feature-filled application that can support the various needs of different route and distribution workflows.

What all can it do, you ask?!


Know exact package location and ownership

With X Route parcel chaining and GPS tracking, you can establish a clear chain of custody to know who has a package and where that package is located at any time. Enable GPS tracking to show customers and staff real-time driver locations!

Save time and money

This is the big one, right? Great news – you can save time and money with route efficiency. One of the best ways to do this is implementing route optimization. Let the powerful optimization engines do the work for you, with high levels of accuracy and continuous reoptimization.

Make your work more productive

The X Dispatch “on demand order” module is often used for pseudo routing (using recurring orders and/or continuation orders). However, this solution tends to fall short and is not scalable as the work continues to grow. X Route is a great solution to multi-stop scenarios!

Maintain visibility at all times

Ensure you meet customer pickup and delivery expectations, track route completion and exception metrics, and keep a birds-eye view on your routes with the X Route Dispatch Board.

We call it “Mission Control”.

Make it easy for drivers

Driver-friendly workflows are built into X Route – including location barcode scanning, geofencing, receive scanning, consolidation, parcel pieces, and more!

X Route seamlessly integrates with Nextstop, allowing drivers to hit the road.


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