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Route and distribution work is among the fastest-growing segments in the logistics industry. Whichever vertical you are interested in adding to your business, take advantage of all the features X Route has to offer!


X Route provides peace of mind and reliability when delivering pharmaceuticals. GPS features tied into X Route and Nextstop allow all parties to know where the driver is located at any given time.

Lab Work

X Route helps you and your customers maintain certainty that drivers are completing pickups and deliveries in accordance with required workflows. For example, with required driver input you can set up a custom workflow for drivers to ensure they “check the fridge” before leaving a pickup location.

Medical & Healthcare

With the often urgent and sensitive nature of medical and healthcare deliveries, assurances that deliveries will be handled appropriately is a necessity. X Route has built-in features like route optimization and ETAs to get drivers where they need to be on time, as well as parcel refrigeration types to ensure drivers know how to handle items properly.

Retail & Office Supplies

Need to accept returns and ensure you can maintain parcel chain of custody and scanning along the returned parcel lifecycle?  X Route has got you covered!

Auto Parts

With the “parcel items” feature, X Route provides you and your drivers a way to capture the parts placed inside each tote, giving your customer complete delivery confidence.


X Route supports integrations with trading partners – and we have over 200 already built and ready to be deployed! 


Maintain full visibility of freight during the entire delivery lifecycle, using X Route’s parcel chaining functionality. Drivers scan parcels during receive, load, and delivery events – capturing who currently has custody and a full OS&D. If you need to build pallets, X Route also has you covered with our palletized scanning feature.

In addition to the specialized functions noted above – the X Route product can do much, much more! Reach out to your Account Manager to set up a demo.


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