Executive Team

CEO, Founding PartnerLyndon Edmonson

Lyndon EdmonsonLyndon Edmonson, CEO and acting CFO, is a founding partner of CXT Software. Lyndon provides strategic direction, both operational and financial, to CXT’s executive team, while maintaining a strong relationship with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Vice President, EngineeringDerek Figg

Derek FiggDerek Figg is the Vice President, Engineering, at CXT Software. He is responsible for the engineering of CXT Software’s entire software application suite, including leading product design, managing the development of new products and features, and overseeing tier-4 technical support.

Vice President, Technical OperationShaun Richardson

Shaun Richardson is the Vice President, Operations, at CXT Software. In this role, Shaun has overall responsibility for engineering, services, support, and hosted infrastructure for the X Dispatch product suite.

Vice President, Sales & MarketingJim Luciani

Jim Luciani is Vice President, Sales & Marketing, at CXT Software. Since 2008, Jim has been instrumental in identifying new business opportunities and partnerships in the expedited delivery and logistics markets. These partnerships are critical to CXT Software’s growth strategy.

Vice President, Professional ServicesMelissa D’ Angelo

Melissa D’Angelo, Vice President Professional Services, joined CXT Software in 2013. Melissa leads a team of Project Specialists to facilitate all custom development, integration deployment, and new customer implementation projects across the CXT Software customer base. Melissa also works on staff training and development, as well as process improvement, and strategic initiatives.

Vice President, Enterprise AccountsTodd Wiebe

Todd Wiebe is the Vice President, Enterprise Accounts, at CXT Software. He is responsible for sales and account management for major expedited delivery and last-mile distribution businesses across CXT Software’s markets.


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