Dispatch Software

X Dispatch Software

X Dispatch is the core of our enterprise courier software suite, blending three decades of expedited delivery experience with proven…read more

X Route Software

X Route Software

X Route is the courier route software component of the X Dispatch product suite. Providing flexible, powerful tools to manage…read more

X Internet Software

X Internet

X Internet, the online delivery tracking software component of the X Dispatch product suite, enables your customers to do business…read more

X Tracking Software

X Tracking Software

X Tracking is a courier mapping software tool that provides map-based visibility into your orders, routes, and drivers to help…read more

Next Stop Mobile courier Software

Nextstop Mobile Courier App

Nextstop Mobile: The next generation smartphone mobile courier app that delivers…from CXT Software. Nextstop Mobile is CXT Software’s all-new, easy-to-use smartphone app….read more

X Stream Software

X Stream

X Stream is a courier EDI solution providing ASN, EDI, AS2, or proprietary B2B integration with over 120 distribution and…read more

Rapidship Client

Rapidship Client is built to compete for business with the largest national shipping companies. Rapidship Client provides customers with faster and more efficient order placement than ever before. This latest addition to CXT Software’s application suite provides end users with the ability to create templates, quickly place orders and print labels all from one application. read more