The online delivery tracking software component of the X Dispatch product suite.

Rapidship, the online delivery tracking software component of the X Dispatch product suite, enables your customers to do business with you over the web.

Rapidship enables your customers to place orders, track shipments and parcels, confirm deliveries, view signatures, and retrieve reports and invoices online from any browser-enabled device with web access. With Rapidship, you can accept credit cards* for online orders or include online orders on your customers’ regular invoices. You can also grant access to your drivers so they can review driver settlement information online, with or without item detail, at their convenience.

Today’s customers expect to interact with you online, and Rapidship provides you with the online capabilities you need. Start off with a basic order entry and shipment tracking website, or go all-out with a fully integrated e-commerce web experience that puts you a step ahead of your competition.

You can also optionally integrate Rapidship into your existing company website to provide a seamless experience for your customers, under your company branding.


Software Benefits

Five products in one:

  • Delivery order entry system
  • Tracking system
  • Delivery confirmation system
  • Invoice system
  • Driver settlement reporting

Online order entry
Enable your customers to place orders online, and optionally embed the Rapidship login form into your existing website. Accept payment for orders via credit card*.

Online tracking and confirmation
Provide your customers instant access to order tracking and delivery confirmation, all from any browser-enabled device with web access.

Provide a self-service portal to your customers and drivers
Empower your customers and delivery resources to access timely and relevant reports and invoices at their convenience.

* Requires a separate credit card merchant agreement.


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