CXT Software X Dispatch

Included in X Dispatch and X Route

NEW!!  Route Optimization is Here! CXT Software is very excited to announce the rollout of our first version of Route Optimization. Using a robust underlying RO engine, we have built a solution to optimize delivery stops, maximizing the efficiency of your drivers and dispatchers.

Spend less time planning and more time doing with Route Optimization, designed specifically for the unique needs of route and on-demand delivery companies. Routes update in real-time, throughout a driver’s shift, providing the shortest distance and fastest time to complete their work while still observing time windows for each stop.


  • Optimal sequence to complete all stops within their time windows
  • Runs automatically in the background to optimize routes & orders assigned to drivers
  • Calculates ETA for all assigned stop
  • Real-time feedback for dispatch if a driver is expected to arrive late

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