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Knowledge is power. Leverage CXT Software through online education.

Get the most out of the tools that run your business.  Today’s delivery company must be agile and able to handle all the varied requirements that shippers request.  X Dispatch is an extremely flexible and powerful product, but without proper training you are not able to harness the power and meet your customers evolving demands.

CXT Software’s Training Specialists

  • Combined 50+ years of delivery experience, in the trenches, working with many of the same clients you service
  • Deep product knowledge, having used the software for years, to handle a vast array of delivery and logistics scenarios
  • Prime focus is educating, training, and keeping customers up to date on the software

Leverage the full capabilities of the X Dispatch product suite in your operations.  With multiple new releases each year and hundreds of new features, it is easy to fall behind.  With time and attrition it is inevitable that your in-house knowledge of the software diminishes and it is time to consult our training specialists to get you back on track utilizing all that X Dispatch has to offer.
Offers over 80 Training Topics


The 15+ topics in the Basic Training course cover content including Cloud Client, Order Entry, Dispatch Board, Reporting, Invoices and Settlements, Credit Card Processing


The 15+ topics in the Intermediate Training course cover content including X Route Chaining and Scanning and OSD, Route Mapping and Route Sort Rules, Driver Pay, Tips and Tricks, Quickbooks, Route Optimization


The 15+ topics in the Advance Training course cover content including Nextstop Mobile, Order and Route Stop Troubleshooting, Rapidship Integrations (Overviews and Troubleshooting)


The 11+ modules in this Express Training course cover quick and brief overviews of basic X Dispatch functionality. Total viewing time is under 3 hours!


The modules in this “Shorts” Training course cover brief, singular topics with specific functionality. Training videos are typically under 10 minutes, with content including Location Scanning, Surcharge Wizard, X Dispatch Permissions, and Required Driver Input.


The modules in this “How-To” Training course cover scenario based how-to modules, with content including Order and Route rate troubleshooting and understanding addresses.


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