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X Route enables your delivery operations to function seamlessly as the last mile of the supply chain.

X Route is the courier route software component of the X Dispatch product suite. Providing flexible, powerful tools to manage your route, distribution, and logistics operations.

X Route, our powerful courier route software, provides complete support for driver manifests, barcoding, chain of custody, proof of delivery, scheduled stop control, route planning, contract billing, and more. X Route’s distribution features, when bundled with our X Mobile and X Stream products, supports Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN), EDI, AS2, and proprietary B2B integrations, with barcode scanning, full chain-of-custody, Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D) reporting, and the ability to provide electronic proof-of-delivery (POD)–all in near real-time.

X Route enables your delivery operations to function seamlessly as the last mile of the supply chain. CXT customers managing distribution work with X Route serve a wide variety of verticals, including pharmaceutical, office supply, medical, veterinary, automotive, furniture, and electronics distributors, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers, consolidators, and online retailers.

X Route puts you in control of your route and distribution work with our logistics software!
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X Route

Software Benefits

Powerful route administration
Ensure that your delivery resources are stopping at exactly the right locations, within the desired time windows, and delivering the correct parcels. Flexible billing options enable you to meet your contract obligations and produce accurate invoices, and full settlement capabilities ensure your delivery resources are paid correctly.

Drive efficiency with barcode scanning
Packages, manifests, locations, drivers, and transfers all support barcode scanning for near real-time updates and tracking.

Dynamic distribution support
X Route, when bundled with X Stream and X Mobile, enables you to take on dynamic distribution work via one- or two-way integrations with your distribution partners, providing full chain-of-custody, Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D) reporting, and electronic proof-of-delivery (POD)–all in near real-time.

View stop-level detail
Scheduled stops now become actual pieces of work, allowing the capture of delivery status, POD, and other notes on each stop. All historical manifests are stored in the database, providing instant access to completed stops and virtually eliminating the need to pull a paper manifest.

Complete audit trail capabilities
Track all changes that are made to your daily manifests, scheduled stops, and route contracts, including rating.


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