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X Tracking is a courier mapping software tool that provides map-based visibility into your orders, routes, and drivers to help you monitor your operations.

With X Tracking, our courier mapping software tool, you can plot orders, routes, fleets, and/or drivers on detailed, web-based street maps in near real-time. Toggle on the aerial imagery layer to get a bird’s eye view of your operations. Display your operations on the big screen in your dispatch center, and monitor progress as the map automatically refreshes.

Drivers can be tracked individually or by fleet based on their last GPS fixes, or by their most recent pickups or deliveries if GPS is not available. Unassigned and assigned orders can be displayed in addition to route stops that plot in sequence for a true visual representation of one or more routes.

And, available resource tracking reports can be used in conjunction with X Tracking, providing your operations team with a comprehensive set of fleet and driver tracking tools.

X Tracking puts your delivery operations on the map!
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