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X Dispatch Software SuiteStreamline workflow and give your business a productivity boost

Comprehensive software suite, designed to solve the unique logistics challenges of on-demand and delivery companies, featuring drag-and-drop dashboards, intelligent distribution capabilities, full accounting system integration, and more!

  • X Dispatch
  • X Route
  • X Tracking
  • X Stream

X Dispatch is the core of our enterprise courier software suite, blending three decades of expedited delivery experience with proven delivery management technology to bring you the most comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly courier dispatch software in the industry.

X Dispatch features a robust drag-and-drop dispatch board for dispatching and monitoring on-demand orders, intelligent dispatching capabilities, nearly unlimited rating scenarios, flexible invoicing and driver settlement, extensible service and order types, comprehensive user permissions management, business unit support, and accounting system integration.

Cloud Based
Cloud based Solution, so you can focus on what matters most.
Route Optimization
Real-time route optimization and monitoring

X Route is the courier route software component of the X Dispatch product suite. Providing flexible, powerful tools to manage your route, distribution, and logistics operations.

X Route enables your delivery operations to function seamlessly as the last mile of the supply chain. CXT customers managing distribution work with X Route serve a wide variety of verticals, including pharmaceutical, office supply, medical, veterinary, automotive, furniture, and electronics distributors, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers, consolidators, and online retailers.

Route Management
Route management for both static and distribution routes.
Route Dispatch
Consolidates route information into one mission control view.

X Tracking is a courier mapping software tool that provides map-based visibility into your orders, routes, and drivers to help you monitor your operations.

With X Tracking, our courier mapping software tool, you can plot orders, routes, fleets, and/or drivers on detailed, web-based street maps in near real-time. Toggle on the aerial imagery layer to get a bird’s eye view of your operations. Display your operations on the big screen in your dispatch center, and monitor progress as the map automatically refreshes.

GPS Tracking
Tracked individually or by fleet based on their last GPS
Real-time Tracking
Visualizing the near real-time status of your operations.

X Stream is a courier EDI solution providing ASN, EDI, AS2, or proprietary B2B integration with over 160 distribution and third-party logistics (3PL) partners.

CXT Software’s X Stream technology provides robust connectors to pharmaceutical, office supply, veterinary, automotive, furniture, and electronics distributors, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers, consolidators, and online retailers. X Stream also enables you to expand your service area by sharing work with other CXT Software customers. Dispatch jobs to other CXT Software customers, or set them up as downstream agents in a 3PL distribution scenario.

Proof of Delivery
Proof of delivery notifications for shippers requiring feedback electronically.
Dispatch Orders
Dispatch orders to other CXT customers, or assign as downstream shippers, expanding capabilities.

A faster system for placing orders

The online delivery tracking software component of the X Dispatch product suite, enables
your customers to do business with you over the web and mobile devices.
Give your owner-operators the ability to see exactly how much they’re contributing to your businesses success with standard settlements and tendered shipment analytics.
Working with a shipping partner? Rapidship provides upstream logistics data such as delivery information, route and distribution statuses and financials through the same easy interface your customers use
Our mobile-first design enables your clients to use Rapidship on all of their phones, tablets and computers. Business is always on the move and that’s why Rapidship puts your clients first letting them use their favorite devices from anywhere
Nextstop Mobile

Power to the Driver

Not just another app, Nextstop Mobile empowers your entire mobile fleet. With all the features
you’d expect from a premier mobile app that’s easy to use and always on, your drivers will love it.
Compliance built-in, enabling you to control your whole fleet or just individuals that need it most. You decide how big or small you want the fence and it can be extended from the driver, customer, and more….
When enable, you can provide your fleet with an immediate notification when they attempt to complete a shipment and not all expected packages have been scanned.
Everyone has their preference when it comes to driving direction apps, that’s why Nextstop Mobile enables your drivers to decide which app they love most. With the tap of an address your drivers can instantly jump to their favorite driving directions app.
Behind the scenes Nextstop Mobile utilizes our powerful route optimization engine. When optimization is enabled, your driver’s manifest will automatically update every time a new shipment is added or removed. This lets your fleet work efficiently and focus on what matters, providing exceptional delivery service.
Communication with your fleet is essential, that’s why we built chat right into the app. Got something to say to just one person or everyone, integrated fleet chat enables you to stay in touch with your entire fleet all within this single app.
Got an extra piece you want delivered, no problem, with mobile parcel routing you can allow your drivers to assign additional pieces to any existing shipment within their manifest.
Evolving technical and operational training
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training on X Dispatch, Nextstop Mobile, Rapiship and much, much more!
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