The industry’s most powerful last-mile and on-demand logistics software

CXT Software X Dispatch

Streamline workflow and give your business a productivity boost with X Dispatch

Comprehensive software suite, designed to solve the unique logistics challenges of on-demand and delivery companies, featuring drag-and-drop dashboards, intelligent distribution capabilities, full accounting system integration, and more!

  • Cloud based Solution, managed by our expert team
  • Real-time route optimization and monitoring
  • Comprehensive user permission management options
  • Flexible invoicing and driver settlement features

Harness the power of a faster system for placing orders with Rapidship

  • Customize order screens, labels and text using built-in themes
  • Quickly find saved addresses with type-ahead searching
  • Locate order times using filters for cost and delivery windows
CXT Software Rapidship
CXT Software Route Optimization

Work smarter with Route Optimization

  • Optimal sequencing to complete all stops within their time windows
  • configure settings to match your business needs
  • Real-time feedback for dispatch if a driver is expected to arrive late

Power in the palm of your hand

Nextstop Mobile includes all the features you’d expect from a premier enterprise mobile solution, including stop-level details,
GPS tracking, signature capture, barcode scanning, real-time data transfer, and so much more.

  • Parcel Lookup

    Drivers can use this feature to quickly look up important details to open a stop device if the parcel is in my parcels list.

  • Location Bar-code scanning

    This prevents users from circumventing the requirement on one stop by consolidating the stop set to force the user to scan the location barcode with another stop.

  • Billing Group Information

    This information can be made available on the Stop Info Screen.

  • Driver Help

    Answers to frequently asked questions available directly in the app with screen by screen walkthroughs.

CXT Software Nextstop Mobile Software
  • Stop Consolidation

    Save time and effort by combining multiple stops into one. Update the status of multiple stops at once with a single tap, and group parcels from multiple stops into one convenient screen.

  • Customized Mobile Option Set

    Managers can now configure the default settings for any mobile user running Nextstop 2.1 or higher

  • GPS Location

    Increase your dispatcher’s efficiency by knowing the location of a driver in the field, and using that knowledge to dispatch work to nearby drivers.

  • Real Time Updates to Stops

    Updates to stops are applied with every sync to the server, providing continuous updates for driver actions in the field.

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