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Powering Delivery & Distribution Logistics with Exciting Tools that Maximize Capacity

CXT Software supports a wide range of industries. With extensive knowledge and integration experience, our team knows how to support large-scale enterprise clients and complex integrations. And, at the same time, we love seeing companies grow, whether that’s increasing business in a particular service area or expanding into new verticals. That’s why we ensure high-value software features like White Labeling, flexible credit card payment integration and extensive route planning are available in all of our service plans.

Pickup and Delivery

On demand, scheduled and routed, distribution and dedicated drivers – no matter your specialty (or if you do it all) – our software will maximize your capacity, efficiency and speed.


From day one our products were built with the courier company in mind. If you are a courier company and provide the following services, on-demand, scheduled and routed, distribution, and dedicated drivers. Our product has been built for you!
The fast-pace of the healthcare industry requires accuracy and proper record-keeping at all times. Hospitals, health care systems and medical device companies rely on CXT Software for support with day-to-day business operations and trusted handling of delicate and high-priority deliveries. HIPPA compliant, fully encrypted cloud-communication and significant experience with enterprise integrations are just a few reasons why our software successfully meets the needs of the industry.
Peace of mind comes with knowing lab specimen deliveries made the journey from origin to destination without incident. Transparent chain of custody for all individual items within a package, reduce risk and ensure accuracy every step of the way.
Millions of prescription drugs are dispensed daily in the U.S. and Canada. With a robust route planning module and strong chain of custody tracking, delivery companies specializing in pharmaceutical work can rest assured that vital medications make it to their final destination and are fully accounted for.


Optimize and automate your distribution work, with sophisticated staging, dispatch and routing capabilities that align with your business needs. From dynamic scan, sort and segregating features, you’ll have full control over each step of the process.


Use on-demand, distribution modeling and same-day delivery features to orchestrate auto part delivery across multiple locations. With intelligent dispatch assistance and the ability to track individual items within a package, orders and deliveries are processed smoothly at every stage.


The retail world continues to evolve, with small businesses and major retailers completing more transitions virtually than ever. CXT Software’s comprehensive delivery logistics solutions are designed to fully integrate with retailers and provide shippers with the service-level work your customers require.


Easily pick up and deliver payroll items, with a rapid scanning and order entry system with 2D barcode scanning. We have integrations for all major payroll delivery companies.


Demand for curbside pickup and delivery options have fast-tracked innovation in the grocery industry. CXT Software’s distribution and delivery solutions help grocers with pickup, click and collect and third-party delivery management. Same day, scheduled and distribution options allow flexibility for partners of all sizes.

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Let's meet! Request a
guided demo.