Today’s shippers expect seamless data integration, reliable scanning and tracking, real-time exception management and detailed analytics.  Tomorrow’s shippers will demand into the last mile of the supply chain. CXT Software’s Integration Specialists possess the knowledge and experience to meet your customer’s evolving needs and keep you one step ahead of your competition.

CXT Software’s Integration Specialists

  • Industry leaders with over 1000 deployments of 400 unique active integrations
  • CXT Software is an esteemed partner in data integrations
  • Collaborative development and design between our Professional Services and Engineering teams to design, develop, and implement complex integrations defines our success
  • Diverse integration partnerships and re-deployable integrations span all types of shipping partners, including Medical, Pharmaceutical, Auto Parts distributors, Online Retailers, and Office Supplies
  • CXT Software is a prominent partner for many large-scale shippers