Operations Management

Boost Your Back Office Operations & Work Smarter

Dashboards within our operations and dispatch software track key performance measures in real time, empowering operators with knowledge and data-driven insights to make process improvements, track activities and actively guide your company’s growth. Choose what and how you want to see it at-a-glance, all through our powerful operations and dispatch software.
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Understand and share real-time information about your business using dynamic reports that can be fully customized, auto-generated and auto-distributed, providing transparency and powerful analysis capabilities for courier and distribution companies of all sizes.
Dispatch and Route Optimization Software by CXT Software

Integrate with anyone using our open API. Automate one and two-way integrations from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices, Electronic Data Interchange, and AS2, as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods. We have hundreds of unique active integrations and thousands of integrations deployed across North America.

Robust invoicing technology allows for fully customizable invoicing templates, designed to look how you want – with as much or as little detail as you want. Seamlessly download and upload revenue data into popular accounting software programs such as Intuit®, QuickBooks®, and Sage®, or setup an integration with any system.

Automations Integrations Shipments Optimization Invoicing Tracking Parcels Made Easy

Let automation do the heavy lifting. With just a couple of features, managing your business just got a whole lot easier. Partner with CXT Software to gain access to industry leading operations and dispatch software.

Assisted Dispatch Software

Assisted dispatch software uses algorithms to analyze your driver fleet, due times and locations, and recommends which drivers to assign work to, helping dispatchers make smart calls on the fly.

Route Management

A CXT Software exclusive, route management is at the core of our dispatch software. It's a comprehensive route building tool that allows users to see and build out all routes in advance, schedule and plan distribution services.

Operations Overview

Understand what is happening across all areas of your operations and make data-informed decisions using custom dashboards and automated reports


Manage multiple brands or business vertices under one software license, ensuring you have all the tools needed to grow and serve various industries. Set up individual businesses, different assets, financials, and assets under one single account.

Driver Settlements

The most sophisticated driver settlement algorithm on the market, you can set different rates for different drivers or for different types of work and fully customize rate and payment structures.

Parcel Management

Parcel-centric ecosystem, allowing for chain of custody through every handoff, every mile - allowing you to track the contents of the shipments and know where each item is at all times

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