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For over 20 years, CXT Software has been a trusted software provider for courier companies across North America. We take great pride in our partnerships and helping our customers succeed.

Featured Case Study:
King Courier

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Andrew is the President of the California Delivery Association, and has been running King Courier since 1995. King Courier provides messenger, courier, and delivery of small packages throughout the Greater Bay Area. They pride themselves on often being cheaper than FedEx, and they staff an impressive team of bicycle messengers that can deliver packages in less than 15 minutes in San Francisco.

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PearlTrans Case Study

PearlTrans Logistics is a leading Southern California logistics company that has powered their business with CXT Software for over a decade. Some of Pearl’s favorite features are the robust API that connects them easily to shippers and the white labeled Client Portal with customized order alerts that allows them to give personalized service to each of their clients.


Hear from a few of our customers about how CXT Software has helped their business.   

“valued business partner”

“CXT Software is a longtime and valued business partner who understands our business needs and the high demands we face every day.”

Jonathan Fillerup, President
Hot Shot Logistics, Inc.

“vast knowledge”

“CXT Software has been with us every step of the way. Their vast knowledge of the delivery industry, experienced management team, technical support, and dedicated client success managers make it a pleasure to work with them.”

Ria Lascio, Vice President
B2B Delivery

“joint success and partnership”

“As a team, we successfully migrated over 1,400 customers, thousands of users, hundreds of routes with thousands of stops, and nearly a thousand recurring orders in record time! We are early in our journey with CXT – it is a great start and we look forward to our joint success and partnership.”

Terri Luke, VP, Customer Experience & Systems

“always impressed me”

“CXT has always impressed me as a vendor. I had the pleasure of going to one of their client conferences in Phoenix that they hosted and it was awesome! It served as a great opportunity to learn even more about the software and collaborate with other companies who were also using CXT.”

David Hardy, President & COO
BonnieSpeed Logistics

“we took back control”

“WPX Delivery Solutions relies on CXT Software’s suite to streamline orders, improve driver efficiency, and prevent lost revenue–all critical to our success in these tough economic times. With CXT Software, we took back control of our business operations.”

Dennis Bishop, President & CEO
WPX Delivery Solutions

“feature rich software”

“As a long term client of CXT Software, I have seen them continually address the ever-changing needs of the last-mile delivery industry. Their feature-rich software has helped Innovative Courier Solutions scale into multiple markets and different verticals.”

Mark Rykowski, President & CEO
Innovative Courier Solutions

"most powerful courier software on the market"

“The responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge of everyone at CXT Software are unsurpassed. Their product is simply the most powerful courier software on the market. I would recommend CXT Software to any company wanting to take their service and performance to the next level”.

Shelly Miller, Regional Vice President
HotShot Final Mile

"grow without restraints”

“CXT Software has made huge developments for us in the Hospital and Laboratory Courier space, giving Lab Logistics and our customers the confidence to grow without restraints.”

Greg Cordone, IT Director
Lab Logistics

"all I can say is wow!"

“All I can say is, wow! The Driver App has better functionality and is much easier to teach to my employees.”

Mike Thompson, CEO
Express Delivery

"increased volume"

“Undoubtedly, the single biggest efficiency we have with CXT Software’s suite is our ability to easily import data from multiple customers, create the necessary orders and/or route stops, easily reconcile the matching parcels so we can supply OS&D’s, and quickly send the drivers out the door of our depots with the correct parcels, manifests, and accurate maps. If any of these pieces were missing, the customer would not be happy and the job of the operation staff would be much more difficult. We simply could not have increased our volume as much as we have and still maintain the price points we need in order to be competitive.”

Eric Robertson, IT Director
Falcon Express Transportation

"very happy with our choice"

“A major snowstorm hit the Northeast. Power was out for over a week in the area and we implemented our emergency plan to provide our clients with uninterrupted service. Almost a million homes and businesses were adversely affected by this devastating storm. We set up a mobile ops center and by working with CXT Software’s Cloud solution, our team was able to service our customers seamlessly. We are very happy with our choice and with CXT Software’s professional staff who are always here for us.”

Jay Barry, President & CEO
Priority Express, Inc.


“It was great seeing the CXT team at the ECA show in Atlanta. The feedback from the shippers regarding our use of their software was that it is the best-in-class courier software.”

Eddie Pillow, Director of Sales & Marketing
Pillow Logistics

"culture of technology"

“Having used CXT Software’s products since the inception of Lightspeed, I can attest that it is as powerful today with 150 drivers as it was with 3 drivers when we began. Our goal is to create a culture of technology for our customers and for our drivers, and CXT Software allows us to accomplish that goal. From online order entry to tracking deliveries, more than half of our customers utilize our website instead of our CSRs.”

Robert Wyatt, President & CEO
Lightspeed Express Delivery Systems

"runs even faster"

“One Hour Messenger switched to the Cloud version of CXT Software and we couldn’t be happier with the performance. The Operations App runs even faster on CXT Software’s Cloud platform than it did on our in-house server.”

Mik Casto, Owner
One Hour Messenger

"I am writing to you to say thank you."

“First, you did a great job describing the software and setting my expectations for it. Chad and Chaz are a great team to work with. Those guys are really smart, honest, and resourceful. I couldn’t be happier with how things are developing with CXT Software as a company. Lastly, I would like to say thank you for the surprise goody box. It was a welcomed ending to a long day. CXT Software has amazing staff and products. I hope you guys have many more years of success. Until we meet again-keep being phenomenal. “

Northwest Dispatching


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