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Why should I choose CXT Software for my delivery company’s software solution?

Founded in 1999 by two industry veterans, CXT has a wealth of industry knowledge.  Multiple software products that work, across many different delivery scenarios!  Service and Support that is second to none.

Is your software solution for small, medium or large companies?

Yes….is the short answer!  The same robust core software platform is used across all company sizes, so you can start small and our software scales up to any size.  In addition, there are optional modules to help your company grow into new lines of business.

Does your software focus more on routes, distribution or on-demand type of work?

The software started with an on demand delivery focus.  As the industry evolved we introduced static route capability, then added dynamic distribution capabilities with shipper integrations.  The current platform serves a variety of delivery companies.

Do you have an entry level pricing package for my small company or startup?

Yes, our Express package provides a lower price point for smaller companies with less than three users and 15 drivers or less.

What industries can be served by your software?

Multiple industries can utilize the software solutions from CXT Software.  This is demonstrated through the nearly 200 shipper integrations currently working with our platform, across a variety of industries.  Just a few examples of industries; pharmaceutical, office supply, retail, global shipping companies, auto parts, labs, 3PLs…..and many more.

How does your customer support work?

Customer support is available during normal business hours M-F and 24/7 for emergency support.  Support can be reached via our support ticketing system or by phone.  Turnaround response time is usually within 1-2 hours for an initial contact.  CXT Software is proud to provide a very high level of service.

What software modules do I need to get started?

That depends on the type of delivery work being done.  At a minimum, a delivery company will need X Dispatch, Rapidship and Nextstop Mobile.  There are optional modules which can be added, like X Route and X Stream.

Can my data be converted to your system from my current system?

Yes, in most cases.  We have converted data from several delivery software products.  The most common data converted is company names, addresses and drivers.

How does your customer support work?

We measure reliability on our software’s up-time in our cloud platform.  CXT Software maintains a 99.99% up-time for our software, and conducts regular database backups to ensure a reliable and stable solution for our customers.


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