Case Study:
King Courier

Advanced Features

King Courier uses some of our most advanced features, and has developed an effective way to adopt our newest releases into their workflow.

Business Efficiency

King Courier has doubled down on their efficiency to help more customers and move more packages each day with less work.

Simplified Payroll

Payroll - including hour tracking, overtime, custom fines, and more - are all calculated right within their operations dashboard!

Effortless Training

King Courier uses CXT University to keep their employees engaged in learning how to best use our software suite.

Meet Andrew Brady, COO & Co-Founder

Andrew is the President of the California Delivery Association, and has been running King Courier since 1995. King Courier provides messenger, courier, and delivery of small packages throughout the Greater Bay Area. They pride themselves on often being cheaper than FedEx and they staff an impressive team of bicycle messengers that can deliver packages in less than 15 minutes in San Francisco.


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Finding The Right Software Provider

When King Courier came to us after using another provider in the industry, we knew that we had an obligation to show them how impactful a well-designed software suite could be to their business. From custom integrations to a feedback loop that gave them a real voice in the way that we developed our software, this new partnership was something we knew that King Courier could trust and rely on to do business each day.


Mastering Advanced Features

As partners in the courier industry, we are proud to frequently roll out new features that get used and optimized by our customers. King Courier is always among the first to take advantage of our newest releases, and often finds many of their own requests baked into each update!

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Powerful Customizations

King Courier uses our software suite for more than just dispatching – they run their whole business utilizing our tools! From payroll to a powerful Client Portal that allows their customers to track packages and place orders, everything gets done right through CXT Software.

Why They Stay With CXT Software

Hear directly from Andrew Brady as to why they’ve stayed with CXT Software all these years, and what keeps them partnered with us into the future!

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