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E-commerce is booming worldwide. According to, “63% expect a standard delivery to be within three days,” and “61% want quicker delivery times. Furthermore, 74% of people prioritize delivery most when participating in online shopping, and 51% expect a refund on shipping if their desired package arrives later than the expected delivery date ( These statistics describe the evolving delivery needs and expectations of the average customer. As their delivery needs and expectations evolve, so must the courier software technology. Customers like to know where a package is at all times when it has been shipped out when it will arrive, and the time in which it reaches its destination. As customer delivery expectations are ever-changing, how can your business adapt to ensure relevance and productivity? 


A lot of behind-the-scenes coordination is necessary for deliveries to happen smoothly and on-time. If you own a business and send your product out to customers, think about implementing an advanced courier software technology that does all of the behind-the-scenes coordination precisely that way — behind-the-scenes. CXT Software, a leading provider of courier software technology, provides last-mile delivery and logistics courier software to manage on-demand, route, and distribution delivery operations. Throughout the courier software implementation process, CXT Software’s courier software will be your partner to ensure that you gain the knowledge necessary to make the best design and configuration decisions for your organization. CXT Software offers a comprehensive suite of courier software products created for the unique needs of operations, dispatch, drivers, and shippers. Our courier software product streamlines each step of the distribution process. Here is a quick look at the four key phases to CXT Software implementation:


  1. Project Kickoff: During this phase, your dedicated Project Manager will discuss the overall installation process and work with you to determine specific milestones and go-live dates, identify key employees for training and project management, and develop a good understanding of your company’s current technology situation.

  1. Business Analysis and Data Collection: Every company runs its business slightly differently. During this phase, the Project Manager will evaluate how your company incorporates courier software technology into your business, ensuring that the solutions are set up for maximum efficiency. Topics such as services provided, pricing structure, driver settlement, and shipper integrations are discussed. The Project Manager will also work with you to collect, clean, and formatted data pulled from existing systems and prepare it for import. This phase informs the system configuration, ensuring that the courier software features and functionality properly align with your business needs.

  1. Training: You and your staff will receive unlimited access to live and pre-recorded courier software training sessions through CXT University, along with testing, homework, and open question and answer sessions. Our CXT Software implementation team will supplement the training using consultation sessions to talk about your company’s specific operational scenarios or particular integrations. After they are satisfied that you are ready to use the advanced courier software on your own, you and your business are transitioned to an amazing customer support team, who will continue to answer your questions to keep you running smoothly.

  1. Testing: All throughout the training process, we test your data together to ensure that your rating, driver pay, and settlements are functioning as intended. The final stage of testing, typically the week before “go live,” involves running your old system and new system side-by-side to ensure that everything is functioning properly.


Through CXT Software’s Courier Software Project Kickoff, Business Analysis, and Data Collection, Training and Testing Process, CXT Software works with your business to ensure that you and your business are knowledgeable of the process and the benefits you will receive with its courier software. CXT Software not only wants to guide you through the implementation steps for your business, but they also want to make sure your business succeeds with its courier software. CXT Software is a team of industry and technology specialists who practice excellence and utilize the unique talents of our individuals to exceed our customers’ expectations — so your business can exceed your customers’ expectations!

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