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22.6: Acing Routed Work πŸ†

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Route and distribution warehousing businesses have unique needs but their goals remain the same: producing efficient and effective delivery services at the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Allllrighty then, let’s kick off the latest release with features to improve distribution efficiency and the end-user experience!

Make Warehouse Sequencing & Staging Easy

When it comes to passing the torch between dock workers unloading, sorting, and staging freight to drivers loading the vehicles, organization and sequencing can make or break the process. Misplaced parcels can mean shipments not making it onto their route, improperly scanned items could be left off an intended pallet, or poorly organized vehicles can lead to delays at route stops while drivers dig for the necessary parcels.

You don’t have to be “one of those hard copy guys” with printed manifests to get the job done right. Newly added fields in the Routed Scan Data Display help simplify the data points needed at the dock to ensure shipments can be correctly staged and sequenced. Dock workers and drivers can view the Next Chained Stop or Final Stop when scanning parcels, and have additional options now at their disposal to view parcel references, master barcodes, and more giving them all the details they need for proper staging.Β 

CXT Software Operations App - routed scan data display

Avoid Missed Deliveries with End-User Notifications

“If I’m not back in five minutes…just wait longer.”


Ever receive that response when attempting a delivery?


Missed deliveries can be a costly nuisance to the shipper, carrier, and end-user. Distribution carriers often experience these service inconveniences when catering to home delivery needs. Even with the best planned itineraries, things do not always go as planned.

Route stop notification

Communication is the best remedy to reduce the likelihood of missed deliveries. New route stop status event options are available for “Next Stop” and “Out for Delivery.” When configured, the end-user can be alerted via SMS or email about their upcoming delivery.Β 


“Out for Delivery” lets the end-user know that they will be receiving a delivery that day. The notifications are triggered for completed load scanned parcels indicating the driver is starting their route for the day.


The “Next Stop” notification is a timely alert that is triggered by the route order sequence or manual indicator by the driver or dispatcher that the end-user’s location is the next stop on the routed itinerary.Β 


Did you know that dozens of alert types are available for clients and end-users via SMS and email? Contact the Client Success Team to help configure your alerts today.

Maybe You'll Call Sometime?

You’ve been a wonderful audience! We’ll be here all week. If you need help with these or any of our product features,Β give us a call anytime 24/7.


Experiencing issues with the release? Let our Support Team know.

Release Updates

What's New πŸ“°

  • New Assisted Dispatch setting called “Allow Optimization w/ Recommendation” to control whether routes can be optimized when being assessed for the Best Driver and Best Route Recommendations.
  • Added new fields to the Route Assisted Dispatch configuration settings: to include “Max Number of Stops” and “Max Proximity to New Stop.”
  • New field added to the the Operations Parcel Type record called “DIM Weight for Online Orders” where users can select whether the DIM weight denominator and calculated DIM weight will be automatically applied to orders from the Client Portal.
  • Added a new feature to the Customer Record’s “General” tab called “Update pieces and weight by parcels.” When enabled, it will force an internet user to use the Detailed Ordering page within the Client Portal and will disable the Pieces/Weight fields from being manually adjusted. To adjust pieces and weight values, users can select the Add Parcels button and provide Piece/Weight information accordingly.

What's Improved πŸ“ˆβ€‹

  • Improved the Customer Record’s saved reference field values to allow users to designate whether references should be classified as Reference 1 only, Reference 2 only, or both.
  • Performance improvements to speed up invoice and settlement retrieval.
  • Improved logic for how the classification of online orders as “New” or “Rated” when Google is not able to determine the distance between two locations and the Client Portal displays “Distance Not Available.”
  • Updated the default filter search type on all Operations App pages to match the defaulted column sort selected on that page.
  • Ensured that any time the ScannedWhen column is updated for Parcels, that the ScannedBy value is properly updated to show which user scanned the package.
  • Added logic to address book searches within the Client Portal to search Address 2 details when returning results on the “Place Order” page.

What's Fixed πŸ› β€‹

  • Fixed a temporary issue where an error would be shown when trying to save a new route if the user did not interact with the “Surcharge Based On:” field.
  • Fixed an issue with logging into the Client Portal if the user had a commission assigned without an end date.
  • Fixed issue with audit trails not recording certain events and not being viewable if the logged in user’s username contained special characters.
  • Fixed time zone inaccuracies with the Client Portal driver settlements display.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect time zones could appear on the route manifest due to Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes.

Works in Progress 🏭

  • Entering an address in the Client Portal that does not validate causes old lat/lon values from previously validated addresses to be used for distance calculation and could cause incorrect distances to be placed on orders.
  • Subscription-based reports fail to export and generate an email when certain field types like TimeStamp are included.
    Workaround: Do not include the TimeStamp field, as it is not supported.
  • Lat/Lon values are not being copied over for cloning of Inet User Address books.
    Workaround: Run an Internet User Address Points bulk address update. This will run all the internet addresses through the validation process and assign updated Lat/Lon values.
  • Internet User columns do not always sort as expected in the Operations App.
    Workaround: Click on any cell besides the header or the column that is selected, then click on the column again to sort in the other order.
  • An error occurs in the Operations App when a user tries to email settlements to drivers that do not have an associated email address and/or settlement message format within their human resources record.
    Workaround: Update the driver’s human resource record with an email address and/or settlement message format.
  • Operations Monitor – Help – View Manual results in a run-time error ’13’ type mismatch.

What's Coming 🎁

  • Itinerary Planning advanced route optimization options
  • Multi-factor user authentication for Client Portal and Operations App users
  • Enhanced parcel tracking in the Operations App
  • Quickbooks Online integration improvements

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