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Required Driver Input Enhancements

There's a Photo for That

We’re all familiar with POD and its necessity in the logistics process. In today’s tangled web of complex supply chains and documentation demands, a single photo or signature just isn’t enough.


Required Driver Input (RDI) helps alleviate this challenge. Designed to enhance documentation, chain of custody tracking, and vital handling instructions needed for shipments, RDI has improved the overall flow of shipment pickup and delivery data.


We’re taking it a step further in our latest product release. In 24.5, paired with Driver App 3.6.6, visual proof can be added as part of required driver workflows for on-demand and route shipments. VPOD can be crucial not only at the end of the line of a shipment’s lifecycle; this product enhancement will allow you to prompt photo documentation at other points of the shipment’s journey. 


Let’s get snappin’ and check out the new RDI features. 📸

photo taking animated gif
CXT Software courier driver camera gallery input

Improving Your Shipment Data

A photo is worth a thousand words…or a thousand successful shipments! If you’re not taking advantage of RDI yet, it is worth a look. With RDI, you can prompt messages or tasks to display to your courier driver at specified checkpoints in their workflow. This capability has been a hit in the healthcare space allowing carriers to have their drivers collect sensitive data, such as specimen temperatures, as well as in everyday transactions like inputting a contract number or the representative’s name at the time of a pickup.


Camera and gallery options have been added as an RDI response type in our latest release. This enables drivers to take photos and/or upload image attachments, easily allowing drivers to snap pictures of the shipment, take a photo of a document or packing slip, add an image attachment of a printed packing list, and more. 


Pickup and delivery confirmation are so much more than a timestamp or a barcode scan. With RDI inputs, you deliver a more complete overview of a shipment’s journey. Whether for internal quality assurance, customer validation, or compliance purposes, RDI arms you and your team with the visual documentation and data you need to provide the highest levels of service as a logistics provider.

Let's Get Started!

The latest functionality of Required Driver Input will be available with version 24.5 in conjunction with the CXT Driver 3.6.6. 📱


To configure this feature, RDI workflow prompts can be added through your Operations App Order Form, Recurring Order Form, Customer Record, Order Types, Contract Stops, and Route Stops. If you need additional assistance, visit our Knowledgebase or reach out to our Support Team. Call us or submit a ticket on the Support Portal. We’re here to help!

24.5 Release Updates

What's New 📰

  • New photo required driver input (RDI) option that allows carriers to require drivers to provide a Camera Only, Gallery Only, or Camera/Gallery photo at specified points in the driver’s on-demand and/or routed workflow.

What's Improved 📈​

  • Updated the Client Portal Print Receipt, Track Order display, and Unauthenticated Tracking options to include additional fields and improve the user experience.
  • Improvement made to tracking Driver History on the Visual Dispatch Board when the driver does not have GPS data.
  • Updated Basic Route Optimization to sequence completed stops before uncompleted stops and to prevent duplicate sequence numbers.
  • The Dim Weight Calculator will now be available within Operations>Vehicles.
  • Improved the Route Optimization column status display on the visual dispatch board, so it will now display as an icon with color coded statuses instead of plain text.
  • Added the ability for users to activate and deactivate all route stops on a route through the classic application dispatch board’s Driver Active Work display.
  • Increased the max character length for the driver settlement email summary field to now be 988 characters which is the maximum allowed for that type of email field.
  • Improved the map UI on the Client Portal place order page, so the map doesn’t shift over to the right when the credit card toggle is turned on and off.
  • Completed Time data will now update immediately on the Client Portal Route Tracking grid view after manual entry.
  • Updated all “Rapidship” references to “Client Portal” within the Operations>Client Portal Settings>Customization page to reflect the online portal’s name change.
  • Added user-friendly warnings in the Client Portal if numeric data values within the accessorial item and price fields exceed standard limits.
  • Removed a redundant checkbox setting called “Enable Route Optimization” within the RO Services configuration since the setting was switched over to instead be controlled by the field’s main drop down menu selection.

What's Fixed 🛠​

  • Fixed an issue where editing order templates in the Client Portal incorrectly triggered an Unsaved Changes warning.
  • Fixed an issue with field validation not alerting users when they have exceeded the 50-character limit for the References fields on the Client Portal Place Order page.
  • Fixed an issue with emailed invoices not coming from the address specified in the Invoice Format data fields.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Edit Route Stops All Other” user permission not being enforced when dragging and dropping route stops on a route manifest within the classic Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue with surcharge rate charts recalculating after a driver makes changes if the surcharge rate chart was set up without any “Items Included” values saved.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from deleting multiple Mobile Option Sets at once in the Operations App.
  • Fixed a minor issue with tooltips and time displays within the modern Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue where routes with names containing the word “Stop” could not be opened in the classic Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue with weight and pieces rating where it could be set up in a way that would cause them to not be recalculated on consolidated orders on import.
  • Fixed an issue where resequencing of route stops did not respect dates when calculating the proper sequence by preferred time.
  • Fixed issue with an order types record configuration that could allow users to set up their Pickup By times to exceed Deliver By times.

Works in Progress 🏭

  • An unexpected error is received while adding items to an order in the classic Operations App.
    Workaround: To avoid this issue, select an item for every row selected on the Order’s Charges tab or select the row headers and completely remove the row created.
  • Subscription-based reports fail to export and generate an email when certain field types like TimeStamp are included.
    Workaround: Do not include the TimeStamp field, as it is not supported.
  • Lat/Lon values are not being copied over for cloning of Inet User Address books.
    Workaround: Run an Internet User Address Points bulk address update. This will run all the internet addresses through the validation process and assign updated Lat/Lon values.
  • Internet User columns do not always sort as expected in the classic Operations App.
    Workaround: Click on any cell besides the header or the column that is selected, then click on the column again to sort in the other order.
  • An error occurs in the Operations App when a user tries to email settlements to drivers that do not have an associated email address and/or settlement message format within their human resources record.
    Workaround: Update the driver’s human resource record with an email address and/or settlement message format.
  • Operations Monitor – Help – View Manual results in a run-time error ’13’ type mismatch.

What's Coming 🎁​

  • Map improvements to incorporate street driving paths 
  • Automate credit card processing for classic Operations App users
  • Mobile Option Set enhancements to require driver location upon arrival

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