How do we beat the last-mile issue, making in-home deliveries easier?

Last-mile deliveries have been the root of the problem for many businesses. “Last-mile delivery” is the term used to describe the final step of the delivery process — the point at which the package arrives at the consumer’s desired location; due to the shift of the economy, many of these deliveries are an “in-home delivery.” This last-mile delivery issue is the most time-consuming and costly part of the shipping process, causing the in-home delivery process to be expensive. CXT Software’s technologically advanced delivery software accounts for last-mile deliveries, virtually eliminating the time-consuming and costly in-home delivery process. 

According to the Customized Logistics & Delivery Magazine “Trends That Will Impact Our Industry in 2021,” CXT Software’s delivery software is one of the “three veteran technology executives with long histories working with those who keep the supply chain running.” CDLA Magazine explains how “the impact of COVID has increased demand for last-mile deliveries which experts believe will have a long-term positive impact on our industry. And that demand will put increasing pressure on providers to use technology to the fullest to succeed in 2021 and beyond.” 

Through an interview with CDLA Magazine, Shaun Richardson, CXT Software SVP Admin Operations, has explained that “the shutdown due to COVID was temporary. But, the effects of an entire economy moving to online ordering, remote work, and increase demand for in-home delivery will continue.” As the economy has shifted, CXT Software’s delivery software technology has been more useful than ever in aiding businesses with advanced delivery software. This delivery software saves them money and ensures that standard packages and especially in-home delivery are tracked at every step of the process. 

CXT Software’s advanced delivery software technology not only optimizes the quickest and safest route, but it also provides real-time tracking technology that will let your customers and business know when the package has arrived. CXT Software delivery software technology becomes vital when businesses need tracking for an essential in-home delivery, such as when one needs a medical delivery. For people who have compromised immune systems, a medical delivery might be their only means of receiving their medication. CXT Software’s delivery software facilitates the pharmaceutical health care industry and integrates with three of the top six largest healthcare companies globally, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health. McKesson, the third-largest healthcare company in the world, utilizes CXT Software’s advanced delivery software to facilitate their Medical Distribution Services, making medical deliveries quicker and more organized. McKesson delivers approximately 7.8 packages to patient homes per year through their medical delivery service. This medical delivery service can benefit anyone who needs their daily medicine to those who rely heavily on their medications to remain in good health. As receiving medication can be vital for survival, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health use CXT Software advanced delivery software technology services to ensure their medical delivery shipment reaches its destination. Once a medical delivery or any delivery shipment is delivered, CXT Software’s delivery software offers a photo-on-delivery feature that allows couriers to capture the moment when such shipment reaches its destination. The photo-on-delivery feature ensures that a medical delivery reaches its appropriate destination providing transparency between the customers and delivery service.

AmerisourceBergen offers distribution services that tens of thousands of healthcare providers rely on to help patients access the medications they need when they need them. Utilizing CXT Software, every AmerisourceBergen medical delivery is shipped, tracked, organized efficiently, and reaches its destination. Similarly, CardinalHealth offers medical delivery, and with the help of CXT Software’s advanced delivery software, every medical delivery is accounted for. CXT Software’s advanced delivery software makes sure your medical delivery is received on-time providing tracking information along the way.

The CXT Software Advanced Courier Technology is beneficial for in-home deliveries, medical delivery shipments, business-to-business shipments, and aiding in every part of the shipment process. CXT Software has a plethora of delivery software features that make shipping easy, quick, and efficient. To learn more about CXT Software’s advanced delivery software technology, check out CXT Software’s website.