Technology is Changing the Courier Industry

Technology: The Key to a Long-Lived Company

CLDA Magazine: Set the stage for us by telling us how your company works with members of our industry.

Companies that have lived long and productive lives depend upon technology for their very survival. Escalating customer demands, the need to provide instantaneous answers to their questions and the ability to provide truly personalized service all cry out for the latest technology.

We asked two veterans with first-hand experience delivering technology solutions to members of the customized logistics and delivery industry for their take on the role technology plays in company longevity. Here’s what we heard from Todd Wiebe, VP of Enterprise Sales for CXT Software and Patrick Scardilli, VP Sales & Marketing for Key Software Systems:

WIEBE: CXT Software is a leading provider of delivery software technology. We provide last mile delivery and logistics software to manage on-demand, routed and distribution delivery operations. The company offers an extensive software product suite including X Dispatch (on-demand order, courier resource management, invoicing and settlement), X Route (route and distribution logistics management), X Mobile (mobile application with GPS tracking), Rapidship (online ordering and tracking), and X Stream (application and data integration).