3 Ways to Organize your Data for Better Reporting

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For most of us, “getting organized” feels like a chore, but with the right tools – and a plan to make it happen – getting organized can actually be fun! And, having a system to keep your data organized; knowing where things are stored, and how to access it will pay off tenfold when you are looking to make important decisions. 


Whether you’re starting from scratch or ready for an organizational refresh, here are three tools built right into the Operations App to organize data for better reporting.


1. Labels

Put a pin in a virtual corkboard. Adding labels to items inside the Operations App allows you to categorize and tag records, so you can easily locate them later. For example, add a label of VIP to any shipments placed for VIP clients.


2. Save Favorites

Spending time searching for the report you need? When creating or downloading queries, save them as favorites for quick and easy access next time.

Once you’ve pulled up a query, mark it as a favorite by clicking the star in the top right corner or checking the box in the Save Query box.


3. Folders

You can create and save as many queries as your business needs – and folders make organizing your saved reports simple.

Create new folders, or use the folder categories we’ve prepopulated for you, and drag-and-drop queries into the folders of your choice.

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Let's meet! Request a
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