Driver Accountability And
Your Business's Success

As a business owner, accountability is at the core of every decision you make. What about the accountability of your delivery drivers? They hold a huge responsibility in maintaining your service output and they are the face of your business. 


With busy shipment itineraries, drivers are often faced with time crunches in their schedule, traffic, and inefficient driving habits, among other things. 


What can you do to help your drivers be on their A-game?  


Holding drivers accountable is the best way to keep your company up and running. In today’s competitive last-mile market, a comprehensive shipment management platform is your best solution. CXT Software was designed with this in mind.

Geofencing for Accurate Delivery Completion

Proof of delivery is pretty standard in today’s delivery environment. Photos, signatures, barcode scans – these are typically built-in to any courier software. Going the extra mile to ensure your shipments are being delivered to the right place at the right time – and documented as such – can be achieved with the help of geofencing.   

With our geofencing options, shipments can only be marked as completed when they are delivered with geo-validated verification. That means you and your client don’t have to worry about packages being delivered to the wrong place, or marked as delivered even though a driver is running late and trying to appear that they are on schedule.

Real-Time Tracking of Your Fleet

Transparency is huge in this industry. With the instant gratification of real-time tracking on the consumer side – like being able to watch my DoorDash driver deliver my morning coffee binge right from my mobile device – clients now want to have the power of up-to-the-second tracking at their fingertips as well.


Our powerful shipment management platform has been fine-tuned to provide “Uber”-like tracking so you know exactly where your drivers and your shipments are. Knowing where your drivers are and getting real-time location updates can help ensure shipment schedules stay on time, help dispatchers make decisions on drivers who can take on additional work, and help your clients rest assured their shipments are on the way.

Keep Clients and Consignees Informed with Notifications

Notifications can be customized to alert clients, drivers, and customers alike regarding changes to delivery status. SMS makes it simple and convenient to have all your shipment updates in the palm of your hand. 


You can setup SMS notifications for virtually any shipment status alert in the Operations App. Want to send an alert that the ETA has changed due to an adjustment in your driver’s itinerary? SMS can do that. Does your client want to know they are the next pickup so they are ready when the driver arrives? We’ve got you covered. Need to notify a consignee that they are the next stop? SMS can automate that too.

Consignees don’t need to sign in to a portal, and your drivers don’t need to initiate the communication on their own while they are busy trying to complete shipments for the day. SMS alerts can appear like a seamless communication between the client and consignee, all while being automated from your Operations App keeping everyone informed and your drivers hard at work.


Stay tuned for our next blog detailing how SMS can improve your customer experience!

Itinerary Planning at Your Fingertips

A driver’s itinerary for the day is their Holy Grail. It gives them all the details they need to have a successful day. 


What if the app they view their itinerary in leaves more to be desired? A workflow without filtering or search options, a lack of information, needing to switch between viewing screens to gather the information they need, a bland or busy interface – so many factors could cause inefficiencies that take your drivers’ focus away.


Our Driver App makes delivery simple. Your drivers can customize their itinerary to view in a map or list format, color code delivery statuses, adjust notifications, perform easy parcel lookups, access driving directions with one tap, and easily see all the pickup and delivery details they need to complete their shipments.

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