Road to a Successful Implementation

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Choosing and integrating a new software suite into a business is no easy feat. Once you’ve made your software choice, what is next? You’re eager to get your technical investment into play but where do you start?


As a comprehensive courier and logistics solutions provider, CXT Software is there to guide you every step of the way.


Let’s drive through a few key steps to help you get on the path to implementation success.

Create a Project Roadmap 🗺️

“Measure twice, cut once” is a common theme with hands-on projects, and implementing critical business software is not much different. Measuring and understanding your business needs prior to kickoff helps streamline the process by identifying variables, outcomes, and potential obstacles that may arise.


Working together with your Onboarding Team, you’ll build a detailed roadmap that outlines all the tasks to be completed. This roadmap can detail the scope of work for each stage, the preparation and training that will be needed, and intervention points to evaluate the progress.

A few key items that will be covered in your kickoff meeting and roadmap include:


  • Timeline: A start and conclusion date, coupled with progress checkpoints along the way.
  • Prep Work: An analysis of your current business processes.
  • Expected Outcomes: A guideline of the goals and processes that will be accomplished along the way.
  • Potential Obstacles: A dive into possible hurdles such as staffing, time availability, or technical abilities.
  • Stakeholders: Aligning the people resources to take ownership of the project.
Chad Huffman - Implementation Manager

"We invest an incredible amount of time into understanding each of our customer's unique needs and developing a streamlined setup and onboarding process that is as unique as they are."

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Communication is an essential part of a successful software implementation, but communication needs to work in both directions.


By allocating team members within your organization, you can delegate responsibilities and provide accountability for the timeliness of your implementation completion.


On the same token, CXT Software assigns an Onboarding Team that will be with you through the whole process and beyond. Comprised of Implementation Specialists, Client Success Specialists, and training experts, you have access to team members who understand your business and know how to help address both technical and business aspects of your implementation.


Following the roadmap and keeping an open flow of communication helps both teams work in parallel to meet your implementation deadline.

Michael Corson - Client Success Specialist

"I truly believe setting the standard of being available to our partners from day 1 is the key to a great and lasting relationship. Knowing that we are and will be by their side every step of the way is important to our customers."

Be Up for the Challenge 💪

Your current business practices are familiar and often a comfort zone for your dispatchers. It is hard to break away from the familiar.


Invariably, with new software may come new processes. Built on over 20 years of development and countless years of expertise in the logistics industry, CXT Software’s product features have been designed to meet the needs of shipment management companies of all sizes. A wide range of customization is available, and the workflows are built with operational efficiency and effectiveness in mind.


Challenge the way you do business. Instead of starting with the old workflow, try describing the outcomes needed with the requirements that are critical to your team. The Onboarding Team will provide insights to improve upon your existing practices through the use of the software. Together, solutions and workflows can be built to fit your needs and more.

Launch a Training Plan for Your Team

A critical part of the introduction of new software is training. Your onboarding program should include:

  • An overview of the software’s essential functions
  • How to use the software in each team’s workflow
  • Who to turn to for help and ongoing support


CXT Software makes this simple with role-based training paths for your staff. From interactive modular learning to short video demonstrations, the training is easily accessible online so you can track your team’s learning progress and have them up to speed when the software is ready for use.


Training doesn’t stop there. Searchable learning content and knowledgebase documentation are available, but taking it a step further, CXT Software offers daily Q&A sessions with training staff to help address issues of all scopes.


With improvements and the roll-out of new features into the product suite, CXT Software offers monthly webinars to continue training on an ongoing basis post-implementation and throughout your use of the software.

CXT University role based training
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Build the Roots of Your Partnership

A customer’s success is CXT Software’s success so an effective solution implementation that will grow with your business is a mutual goal. From kickoff to years into the use of the product, it is a true partnership in the making.


Build your bond by keeping open lines of communication with the technical and Client Success teams. Whether it is about your implementation progress, new product feature ideas, sharing best practices, or helping the software provider understand your business case, together you will be a part of the continued improvement of the software and of your business.

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