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22.8: I’m Going to Need Those Reports ASAP…

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The end of the year and start of the new year bring a mountain of memos, accounting paperwork, and reports for business operators. 

Thankfully for you, CXT Software’s solutions have extensive accounting and reporting features built-in to make your operations seamless across your logistics management platform and other critical business software packages.

So I Go Through these Thousands of Lines of Code

The Product and Engineering Teams are constantly evaluating our solutions to improve your software experience. Recent developments launched in the 22.8 release encompass a number of enhancements to the data handling of accounting and driver pay information. 

  • Added a new option that allows surcharges to auto-calculate based on a manual user override of a driver’s base pay on a live order.
  • Updated the logic in the two-way QuickBooks Online integration for the exchange of Settlement data more accurately classifying Driver Pay and Deductions.
  • Added the QuickBooks Online import/export process to the modern Operations App Human Resource page.
  • Updated the logic for the two-way QuickBooks Online integration allowing duplicate ID records to be saved.
  • Added a message to the QuickBooks 2019+ invoice export to alert customers of a validation tool implemented by QuickBooks that can cause false file import errors.

Did You Know?

Save valuable operational time with automatic aging enforcement available in the two-way QuickBooks Online integration. Rather than manually adjusting a customer record's account status after every invoicing period, you can configure global and customer override settings for aging periods that will automatically update a customer's status to "Past Due" and "Credit Hold" in the Operations App based on their payment activity.

Your CSRs and clients can both be notified that there is an outstanding balance on the account or that the outstanding balance has been resolved before proceeding. You get to decide how the enforcement is handled and the software takes care of the rest!

Learn How

Its (Not) Very Complicated. It's Aggregate.

Speaking of year-end reports, did you know you can work smarter – not harder – by connecting your CXT Software solution with your favorite analytics package? Through the use of our API and other data consumption methods, you can extract essential information for providers like Tableau, Zoho Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, and more. Contact our Client Success Team to find out how. 

Do You Have My Stapler?

We may not be able to help you find your stapler but we can help you with 24/7 technical support. Give us a call or contact our Support Team.

Release Updates​

What's New 📰

  • Added the ability to set a minimum version requirement for the Driver App to better control the version of the mobile app used by drivers in the field.
  • Added two new Customer Record Status Event Alert options called “Order – Attachment Added” and “Route Stop – Attachment Added” so customers can trigger updates to their clients when attachments are added.
  • Added a “Forgot Password” option for the Cloud Client and Cloud Portal to allow users to reset their own passwords as needed when experiencing login difficulties.
  • Added a new option on the Cloud Client login screen to set a registry key if the user is on Windows 11 22H2 and experiences issues connecting to the application.

What's Improved 📈​

  • Improved the mobile view of the Client Portal to operate more efficiently.
  • Updated the Client Portal login to be more efficient if the user has a lot of additional companies assigned.
  • Improvement made to speed up the calculation of OS&D data for the on-demand dispatch board.
  • Increased the container size for Available Order Types and Selected Order Types columns in the Surcharge Wizard allowing users to more easily view order types with longer names.
  • Updated logic on the Client Portal Route Tracking page to ensure accurate historical information is displayed and added new “Completed Early” data points.
  • Adjusted logic for the Client Portal Place Order page’s “Billing Group” default drop-down menu, so the values are now displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Updated the Client Portal address book search to be more efficient when a user has a large number of addresses saved.
  • Updated the alert in the classic Operations App when there is an issue sending emails through the mail manager.
  • Increased the character limit for the default email address field on the customer record.

What's Fixed 🛠​

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the classic Operations App to stop responding if an internet user that was associated with prior orders was deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting date columns on the visual dispatch board.
  • Fixed an issue with Forced Location Scanning on recurring and cloned orders that was prompting drivers to scan the location barcode twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the message format record was not alerting users when required characters were missing from the text. (example: Missing close bracket – ])
  • Fixed an issue with manual sequencing of on-demand orders if the delivery is auto-sequenced before the pickup.
  • Fixed an issue where importing orders with a scheduled time near midnight and locations in a time zone ahead of the server could cause the import to fail in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with opening a driver record if it did not have an HR record assigned.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening a contract stop if the stop had no name.

Works in Progress 🏭

  • Entering an address in the Client Portal that does not validate causes old lat/lon values from previously validated addresses to be used for distance calculation and could cause incorrect distances to be placed on orders.
  • Subscription-based reports fail to export and generate an email when certain field types like TimeStamp are included.
    Workaround: Do not include the TimeStamp field, as it is not supported.
  • Lat/Lon values are not being copied over for cloning of Inet User Address books.
    Workaround: Run an Internet User Address Points bulk address update. This will run all the internet addresses through the validation process and assign updated Lat/Lon values.
  • Internet User columns do not always sort as expected in the Operations App.
    Workaround: Click on any cell besides the header or the column that is selected, then click on the column again to sort in the other order.
  • An error occurs in the Operations App when a user tries to email settlements to drivers that do not have an associated email address and/or settlement message format within their human resources record.
    Workaround: Update the driver’s human resource record with an email address and/or settlement message format.
  • Operations Monitor – Help – View Manual results in a run-time error ’13’ type mismatch.

What's Coming 🎁​

  • Visual Dispatch Board improvements
  • Operations Parcel Portal
  • Orders port into the Operations Portal

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