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Driver Data Just Got Better

Your on-demand drivers have a lot on their to-do list throughout the day. Struggling to access data they need to make quick, smart decisions shouldn’t be one of them. You want them reviewing their shipments and gone, moving on to the next task for the day.


In 24.2, we’re adding a component to the Driver App that will simplify mileage data for on-demand shipments, putting important information right into the hands of those who need it most – the drivers. Sometimes it is the little details that matter and this little detail can go a long way!


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CXT Software driver mobile app with total order mileage

Easily Accessible Mileage Data

Do you find your drivers looking for quick calculations of the distance between their pickup and dropoff locations? While the itinerary list in the app features the mileage from a driver’s current location to each shipment address, finding the numbers related to a specific pickup and dropoff previously required some manual work plotting maps or checking in with dispatch. πŸ—ΊοΈ


We’ve simplified the process by displaying this information directly on the on-demand Stop Info screen of the Driver App. When clicking into a stop, your driver will now have all the important details regarding their pickup or destination including a new field labeled “Total Order Mileage.” This field will be visible on both the pickup and the delivery screens for all on-demand shipments.

How it Works

The total order mileage is the same distance displayed on the on-demand shipment record in the Operations App and Client Portal. The value is calculated based on the exact distance between the Origin Location and Destination Location addresses for the shipment.


When enabled, drivers will also have Driver Pay information associated with the shipment located right next to the new Total Order Mileage field.


In order to take advantage of this new feature, your Operations App must be on version 24.2 and the driver’s device must be upgraded to CXT Driver 3.6.4. The Driver App is scheduled to be released in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on schedule with your Operations App upgrade.

There's More to Come...

This release is full of improvements and fixes to get your operations revving – make sure to check out the complete release updates below. πŸ“‹ For assistance with any of the latest features, feel free to reach out to our team! Call our Support Team, email us, or submit a ticket on the Support Portal.Β 

24.2 Release Updates

What's New πŸ“°

  • Created a new option in the modern Operations App under Client Portal Settings called Tracking Configuration that allows users to configure unauthenticated tracking settings (default and custom) to better control what is displayed to unauthenticated users in the Client Portal.
  • Created two new saved finds to the Operations App Finds function:
    • Tracking Missing Imports – This report will return a list of customers that have not had an import attempted in the last given number of hours yu specify.
    • Tracking Import Failures – This report will return any import failures that have been captured in the last 24 hours.

What's Improved πŸ“ˆβ€‹

  • Updated the route stop audit trail to record changes to status email requirements.
  • Set a date range limit for the Estimated Settlement report in the Client Portal’s Driver Settlement section.
  • Added functionality to attempt address validation for a customer’s local and billing addresses when creating a new customer account from the Client Portal.
  • Improved the left navigation within the modern Operations App, so it now will persist the user’s selection for being minimized or maximized throughout logins.
  • Improved the auto-pinning feature on the Visual Dispatch Board so it no longer re-pins all orders upon every refresh interval.
  • Improved sync functionality for map pin syncing for the shipment and driver sections within the Visual Dispatch Board.
  • Improved SSO account creation to trigger New Internet User notifications.

What's Fixed πŸ› β€‹

  • Fixed an issue with emailing invoices if a contract stop associated with the invoice has more than 50 manually added exact dates set in the recurrence schedule.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments were temporarily not viewable within the Client Portal Route Tracking page.
  • Fixed an issue with invoices being sent via email using the wrong return address.
  • Fixed an issue with how rate charts calculate charges and/or driver pay when entering overrides on the Base Rate Details tab for the “Use another chart adjusted by percent/amount” chart types.
  • Fixed an issue where an error could display in some scenarios when editing contact information on the classic Operations App order form.
  • Fixed an issue for the display of assigned work for inactive drivers on the initial navigation to the Visual Dispatch Board’s Active Work page.
  • Fixed a visual issue with display times for stops that were created from Route Sort Rules.
  • Fixed an issue with saving Visual Dispatch Board layouts if the user account profile was missing misc. data.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dim Weight Calculator display when the denominator field is empty.
  • Fixed the search filter in Operations > Inet Users > Address book.
  • Removed the Clone Route option from the Classic Find Query Definitions’ right-click options.

Works in Progress 🏭

  • Drivers utilizing Android 13+ OS devices receive an error when attempting to open non-picture/media files, such as PDF files or other file-based documents.
  • An unexpected error is received while adding items to an order in the classic Operations App. Workaround: To avoid this issue, select an item for every row selected on the Order’s Charges tab or select the row headers and completely remove the row created.
  • Subscription-based reports fail to export and generate an email when certain field types like TimeStamp are included. Workaround: Do not include the TimeStamp field, as it is not supported.
  • Lat/Lon values are not being copied over for cloning of Inet User Address books. Workaround: Run an Internet User Address Points bulk address update. This will run all the internet addresses through the validation process and assign updated Lat/Lon values.
  • Internet User columns do not always sort as expected in the classic Operations App. Workaround: Click on any cell besides the header or the column that is selected, then click on the column again to sort in the other order.
  • An error occurs in the Operations App when a user tries to email settlements to drivers that do not have an associated email address and/or settlement message format within their human resources record. Workaround: Update the driver’s human resource record with an email address and/or settlement message format.
  • Operations Monitor – Help – View Manual results in a run-time error ’13’ type mismatch.

What's Coming πŸŽβ€‹

  • Password requirement enhancements across all product components
  • Automate credit card processing for Operations App users
  • New settings to require photo or file attachments at specific points of a driver’s on-demand or routed workflow

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