First to Market, CXT Software Launches Automated Dispatching

Introducing Autonomous Dispatch, the Industry's First
Fully Automated Dispatching Technology for On-Demand Shipments

CXT Software announced today the release of an enhanced integration that will expand its service offerings to include Autonomous Dispatch, the complete automation of dispatching to available drivers for on-demand shipments.


Built into the company’s comprehensive shipment management platform, the technology optimally assigns shipments to the most efficient drivers based on live fleet data and operational metrics through state-of-the-art A.I. computations.


“A.I. has found its way into many marketplaces, but the courier and logistics industry is a unique space with unique technology needs,” explains Christy Cocchia-Barbaree, Director of Product Management at CXT Software. “As one of the early innovators and longest-tenured platforms in the industry, we truly understand the value this technology can bring to customers of all sizes.”

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“With our integration, our mutual customers can automatically assign 1,000 orders across 1,000 unique drivers in minutes based on highly customizable parameters,” said CBO, Akash Agarwal. “Autonomous Dispatch speeds up new dispatcher onboarding, empowers operators to focus on triage of critical delivery issues, and eliminates time spent on delivery assignments.”


The first of its kind, Autonomous Dispatch is the next generation of groundbreaking dispatching tools that CXT Software has introduced in collaboration with, the leader in location data technologies that solve logistics management challenges and delivery pain points. This partnership enabled CXT Software to develop Assisted Dispatching last year, an A.I.-driven algorithm to identify and recommend optimal driver choices while also learning a dispatcher’s preference.

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“Autonomous Dispatch takes last-mile delivery to the next level maximizing operational efficiency for courier and delivery providers,” said CEO, Nitin Gupta. “The collaborative integration provides a high level of customization that empowers companies to identify the factors that matter most to them; such as producing effective results and elevating delivery efficiencies.”


The use of A.I.-powered dispatching allows shipment assignments to be made within a matter of seconds based on factors set by the dispatcher for service times, grace periods, distance, vehicle class, itineraries, current shipment statuses, and other critical delivery considerations.


With the addition of Autonomous Dispatch, CXT Software subscribers of this advanced service can choose the level of automation directly on CXT Software’s dispatch board. Dispatchers can switch between fully automated assignments (Autonomous Dispatch), driver recommendations (Assisted Dispatch), or disabling the feature for manual operations.

“We are excited for the future and for what this technology means to our customers. Countless hours of engineering collaboration and customer beta testing have helped us bring this unified solution to life, and we look forward to it helping our customers reach new heights,” added Cocchia-Barbaree.

CXT Software will be showcasing the Autonomous Dispatch technology at Customized Logistics and Delivery Association’s Final Mile Forum February 9-11, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. To schedule a demonstration, complete a request online or call (602) 265-0195.

CXT Software is the industry-leading shipment management platform for logistics needs throughout North America. The company provides courier, last-mile, LTL, distribution, and customized logistics businesses with the technology and support service necessary to compete and grow in the ever-evolving delivery industry. CXT Software is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been a trusted logistics partner to thousands of businesses for over 20 years.


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