Staying Ahead of Fuel Surcharges

Controlling Fuel Surcharges with user friendly tools.

The national average for a gallon of gasoline is currently $4.23 per gallon and diesel is $5.14, which is the highest in US history.


No matter the size of your operation, floating fuel expenditures monthly puts tremendous pressure on a business’s operating capital. Now more than ever controlling expenses such as fuel is critical to keeping costs stable and maintaining quality service levels. 


Delivery partners and customers alike are struggling to juggle the surge in fuel costs and what it means to the business’s bottom line. 📈

The Reality of Surcharges

With gas and diesel rapidly on the rise, expense planning is at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Unfortunately, carriers need to increase surcharges to control expenditures, so they can make ends meet, which means clients will see the price of goods and services increase.

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Fuel surcharges, and surcharges in general, are commonplace in the transportation and delivery industries. Holiday surcharges, severe weather surcharges, surge charges…these tend to be easier to plan for. But when we see spikes like we are encountering now, it is harder to budget appropriately without variable surcharge adjustments.


Carriers across the board are implementing new fuel surcharge schedules and re-evaluating rates on a biweekly or monthly basis to adjust for the influx in pricing.

As a carrier, it’s important to keep your clients informed of your rate changes and to be transparent with them on variable costs that are out of your control.


Managing Your Surcharges with Easy-to-Use Tools

When it comes to running your business, you have to do your best to control the uncontrollable. In this case, it is a matter of implementing processes and standards for your fuel surcharges to help you stay ahead. 


CXT Software’s extensive product suite has the tools you need to clearly define levels of surcharges to adapt to any situation. 


In our Operations App, you can easily create new surcharge charts with just a few clicks. Establish the parameters of your surcharge including rate percentages, minimum and maximum charges, date ranges, and more. 


Once your surcharge charts are created, you can assign the appropriate chart to all your customers or to a specific customer in the system as needed.


Already using surcharges charts in the Operations App? Great! 🎉  You can update rate charts for multiple order types with the help of our Surcharge Wizard. The Surcharge Wizard can help you make those bi-weekly or monthly fuel surcharge adjustments. 


New shipments entered or posted will follow the guidelines of your new or updated surcharge charts.


However, if you already have existing shipments and would like them to incorporate the new surcharge pricing, our Bulk Order Update can help you accomplish this.






 If your customers are utilizing your Client Portal, the surcharges will be visible there and on invoices.


Need help navigating rate charts? Our Support Team is here for you. From our online Knowledgebase to our 24/7 support, CXT Software delivers industry-leading products backed by best-in-class support. Reach out to our Support Team today. 💻 

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