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Client Portal Improvements

Creating Endless Possibilities
For Your Clients

We couldn’t wait to tell you so we’re jumping ahead to introduce a few amazing features to enhance the Client Portal experience in the coming months. Our Product and Engineering groups have been dreaming up ways to enhance your client’s usability of the portal by extending other essential tools in the technology stack.


Are you looking for ways to improve communication during the shipment creation and fulfillment process? Look no further than the Client Portal.


Are user experience and security equally important to your organization and to your clients? We’ve got you covered.


Dive into the various levels of improvements unleashed in version 23.8 and take a deeper plunge into what is coming soon!

inception hallway falling
Client Portal log in screen with chat widget

Help is Just a Chat Widget Away 💬

With new capability to embed third-party chat widgets into the Client Portal, your team can simplify communication with clients. Do your clients have questions about invoices? Are they looking for help with parcel tracking? Through embedded chat widgets, help is just a few clicks away.  


As with many of our features, the chat widget integration can be customized to best support your business operations. When enabled, you can specify what pages within the Client Portal the chat widget appears on. Depending on the level of accessibility you’d like as clients navigate through the ordering and tracking workflow, you can select a single page, multiple pages, or all pages within the Portal to embed the widget.


You can also specify which clients you would like the widget available to. Would you like it only available to high-value clients to improve business relationships and customer satisfaction? Would you like it available to all customers to provide one streamlined channel for all shipment questions for your staff? Would you like to enable it for select clients as a premium, billable service? The choice is yours!


Our Product and Engineering teams researched the most commonly used chat tools when building this integration. In the upcoming 23.10 release, the Client Portal will support the following widgets:

  • LiveChat
  • LiveAgent
  • FreshChat
  • Olark Chat
  • Zendesk


You must have an active subscription with a supported provider to maintain the chat functionality. If you do not see your chat provider on this list, please contact Support for further information.

Seamless Access with
Enterprise Single Sign-On 🕵️

Single Sign-On (SSO) tools can be a lifesaver in eliminating password fatigue for personal accounts. In the enterprise world, however, the benefits are vast allowing businesses to mitigate security risks and streamline the user experience with little to no IT oversight needed. Your clients with heightened internal security policies, such as hospitals and other healthcare providers, may utilize SSO to maintain structure and consistency across their organization while safeguarding sensitive data. 


Coming in 23.9, SSO configuration settings can be enabled in the Operations App to allow enterprise clients to utilize SSO for the Client Portal.


For clients that would like to extend SSO use to the Client Portal, SSO provider information and certificates can be applied within the Operations App’s Maintenance module. Users with SSO applied to their account will now experience a seamless process when their username is authenticated in the Client Portal login screen taking them directly into the portal for use.


Once configured, SSO is a hands-off experience for your team as username and password management for these Client Portal users are managed by the client’s SSO tool. When enabled, this feature allows for the automatic creation of Client Portal users for all SSO users for that particular customer, saving your staff the time of manually setting these up individually. It also automatically restricts login for client employees that may no longer have credentials authenticated through their SSO.


The login experience will remain the same for existing users who do not utilize SSO, allowing them to enter a username and password as usual to enter the portal.

CXT Software enterprise SSO single sign-on for Client Portal Users

Don't Fall Behind - Support is Here for You!

Make the most of your logistics solution by tapping into the latest features and improvements available to you. If you have questions or need assistance with configuring new features in our application suite, our Support Team is standing by. Call us, email us, or submit a ticket on the Support Portal and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Maximize Your Dispatching View with 4K

The use of high-definition 4K monitors is becoming more common in the workplace. Support for 4K resolution is now available within the latest Cloud Client release. Reach out to the Support Team for configuration assistance.

23.8 Release Updates

While we’re excited about the improvements coming next month, this release is full of improvements and fixes to elevate your software experience. Check out the details of 23.8:

What's New 📰

  • Enabled a user’s ability to update parcel assignments when updating route stops via the API.
  • Updated the API to enforce Route Stop editing permission.

What's Improved 📈​

  • Increased performance for the Autonomous and Assisted Dispatch feature powered by
  • Increased the character limit from 200 to 1000 for the “Long Remarks” field on both the route and contract stop forms in the classic Operations App.
  • Added logic to the shipping label email override feature, so it now also applies to shipping labels sent through the Client Portal.
  • Changed the Global Options>Internet Options>Enforce Address Validation setting from a checkbox to a dropdown menu, so users can decide how they want to apply it to Inet Orders Only, API Orders Only, or both Inet & API Orders
  • Renamed ‘View XS Data’ to ‘Miscellaneous Data’ on order, route stop, and contract stop forms and added Alt+Ctrl+M hotkey in the classic Operations App to improve the user experience.
  • Updated Global Options audit log to track additional actions.
  • Updated the classic Operations App’s embedded Visual Dispatch Board to send users to the updated version within the modern Operations App.

What's Fixed 🛠​

  • Fixed an issue that was not allowing some shipments to be re-rated if there were multiple dispatch flags present.
  • Fixed an issue where some case-sensitive links related to the Client Portal could prevent access if the username or password contained capital letters.
  • Fixed an issue within the Client Portal’s route tracking page where it could display outdated parcel scan statuses for some workflows.
  • Fixed an issue where Client Portal orders were displaying different time window values if the “Deliver From” times were manually changed by a classic Operations App user.
  • Fixed an issue where route optimization sequencing was showing sub-optimal results when unvalidated addresses with a Lat/Lon of 0/0 were included in the classic Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue with the UTC time display on some orders that occur within the morning of the Daylight Savings Time changes.
  • Fixed an issue where an error was being thrown when validating time windows if the minute value of the current time was in the 59th minute of the hour.
  • Fixed an issue where order types couldn’t be changed within the classic Operations App on-demand shipments if the rate was locked upon opening the form.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with displaying route tracking maps in Firefox browsers that caused images to appear distorted.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown if a carrier attempts to enter a Human Resource ID of 2,147,483,647 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where an unexpected error was occasionally occurring when trying to clear a default address on an internet user form in the classic Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue where an error was occurring when performing a Top 10/50/100 Quick Search within the Track Order section of the Client Portal if the logged in user has a username greater than 40 characters.
  • Fixed issue with distance not calculating in the Client Portal if Address 2 information was included in the Address 1 field using a comma.
  • Fixed an issue where image compression functionality could cause some image transparency to be changed in the modern Operations App.
  • Fixed an issue that was limiting email addresses to 50 characters when creating a new user through the Client Portal.

Works in Progress 🏭

  • The Mobile Option Sets drawer does not close in the modern Operations App after hitting save.
    Workaround: Refresh the page to close the drawer.
  • An unexpected error is received while adding items to an order in the classic Operations App.
    Workaround: To avoid this issue, select an item for every row selected on the Order’s Charges tab or select the row headers and completely remove the row created.
  • Subscription-based reports fail to export and generate an email when certain field types like TimeStamp are included.
    Workaround: Do not include the TimeStamp field, as it is not supported.
  • Lat/Lon values are not being copied over for cloning of Inet User Address books.
    Workaround: Run an Internet User Address Points bulk address update. This will run all the internet addresses through the validation process and assign updated Lat/Lon values.
  • Internet User columns do not always sort as expected in the classic Operations App.
    Workaround: Click on any cell besides the header or the column that is selected, then click on the column again to sort in the other order.
  • An error occurs in the Operations App when a user tries to email settlements to drivers that do not have an associated email address and/or settlement message format within their human resources record.
    Workaround: Update the driver’s human resource record with an email address and/or settlement message format.
  • Operations Monitor – Help – View Manual results in a run-time error ’13’ type mismatch.

What's Coming 🎁​

  • Embedded chat widget capability in the Client Portal
  • Enterprise single sign-on for the Client Portal
  • Granular parcel item barcode scanning support

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