Did You Know?Visual Proof of Delivery


CXT Software has an exciting new feature!  You can require drivers to provide a photo as visual proof of delivery, that your customers can view in Rapidship.


Visual proof of delivery shows your customers that their order was delivered and where their items have been placed.  

Drivers can be required to capture visual proof of delivery, with or without an additional requirement to use the phone’s camera for the photo.  This requirement can be set for the driver (to capture for all orders) or for a customer (any driver completing work for the customer will require a visual POD). The image captured by the driver is made available to customers, when tracking an order inside of Rapidship. A visual POD can be seen If the Rapidship user has push notifications enabled, or they can view the visual POD on the order details tracking reports.

The image below demonstrates a customer viewing order details in Rapidship, to see that the order has visual proof of delivery.


Clicking on the link brings up the visual proof of delivery image captured by the driver.




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