Here’s a snapshot of the products we offer and their features for quick reference!

CXT Software is a leading provider of last-mile and on-demand logistics solutions. With a comprehensive suite of products, created for the unique needs of operations, dispatch, drivers and shippers, our product streamlines each step of the distribution process. The result? Smoother operations, more satisfied customers and a healthier profit margin.

Here’s a snapshot of the products we offer and their features for quick reference!

X Dispatch

Harness the power of enterprise software and give your backend business operations a productivity boost with X Dispatch 17, featuring drag-and-drop dashboards, intelligent distribution capabilities, full accounting system integration, and more!

  • Real-time route optimization and monitoring
  • Comprehensive user permission management options
  • Flexible invoicing and driver settlement features

X Route
Provides complete support for driver manifests, barcoding, chain of custody, proof of delivery, scheduled stop control, route planning, contract billing, and more.

  • X Route delivers complete route management for both static and distribution routes.
  • Features include full chain of custody, scanning, scheduled stop control, route details and planning, parcel barcodes, location barcodes, driver manifests, and contract billing.
  • Unique Route Dispatch Screen consolidates route information into one mission control view.
  • Powerful distribution capability coupled with X Stream provides Automatic Shipping Notification (ASN) and Over, Shortage & Damage (OS&D) reporting in real time.

X Stream

Automate one and two-way integration from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), ASz2, as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods.

  • Automate outbound stop- or parcel-level status updates and/or delivery
  • Dispatch orders to other CXT customers, or assign as downstream shippers, expanding your service area capabilities and reach

Nextstop Mobile

Easy-to-use, easy-to-read, Nextstop Mobile gives drivers and manual employees
(dock workers, loaders, etc.) straightforward directions and an intuitive workflow, delivered straight to their phone.

  • Downloadable Google Play and Apple Store application
  • Seamless integration with X Dispatch Route Optimization
  • Stop-level detailing, GPS tracking, signature capture, barcode scanning,
    real-time data transfer


  • Rapidship provides users with a faster, more efficient system for placing orders, giving delivery companies the tools to compete with the largest shipping companies.
  • Customize order screens, labels and text using built-in themes
  • Quickly find saved addresses with type-ahead searching
  • Locate Order times using filters for cost and delivery windows
  • Place orders and print labels in one application
  • User friendly/modern look and feel


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