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2022: Rewind & Reflect on the Year

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2022 has come and gone in a flash, but not without some exciting announcements along the way. Even after 22 years, the talented team at CXT Software finds innovative ways to reinvent products and processes to better serve you. This year has been no exception.


We would like to take a moment to rewind and thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you, our amazing customers. Your contributions and feedback help build the foundation for many improvements you see in the products and services. Keep the ideas coming!


Here is a look back at some of the exciting developments of 2022. 🎉

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CLDA Final Mile Forum 2022 CXT Software Pearle Logistics Careful Courier

Back to Business as Usual

We were happy to see many facets of life and business continuing to go back to normal this year. From seeing your smiling faces on the floors of the ECA and CLDA conferences to helping your teams grow your software solution to accommodate increased business, good things are happening in the industry.

What’s in a Name

YouTube isn’t the only one introducing new handles this year.


Our team set out to simplify the product suite branding with our audiences in mind. Rather than a different name for every single element and feature within a single product, we took a fresh approach and that concept is where Operations App, Client Portal, and Driver App were born.


You’ll see the deprecated branding scheme going away and the new terms making their appearance in the products and documentation, but they are all the same great products you’ve grown to trust!

No Downtime

You asked. We answered. After immense planning and restructuring of engineering and project management, a revamped roll-out process for product upgrades was debuted. Formerly a bi-annual uplift, product upgrades are now introduced monthly bringing new features, integrations, and improvements to you quicker and more frequently.


The real winner of this new roll-out process? Your business continuity.


The deployment of upgrades is done seamlessly to users so you experience no interruption. New features, bug fixes, and more with zero downtime!

no downtime

Paving the Way for the Future

Who doesn’t like to be first? Since being first to market with a graphical dispatch board and drag-and-drop dispatching over 20 years ago, CXT Software also achieved the milestone of being the first to offer a fully integrated courier software solution with Assisted Dispatch built-in.


Automation is game-changing in improving dispatching operations. Assisted Dispatch has helped operators and dispatchers increase efficiency by identifying the top recommended drivers based on key metrics for time and fuel savings by the A.I. 


More incredible developments are coming to dispatching in 2023 so stay tuned!

Forging Strong Partnerships 💪

Introducing breakthrough technology like Assisted Dispatching and other important features wouldn’t be possible without the help of some of our valuable partners. has worked tirelessly with our engineering teams to build the dispatching A.I. engine into the CXT Software suite.

Beans Route CXT Software partner

A key behind-the-scenes contributor to the Assisted Dispatch pilot were customers just like you. Real-world application of these new technologies is a crucial step for a product launch. Through beta testing and communication with our teams, we were able to fine-tune the development to best serve your needs.


The Client Success Team has also been tag-teaming with a number of partners this year to facilitate other customer needs such as aligning companies with the IC driver workforce through partners like Loadchief.


With our longstanding history in this industry, we do more than just provide you with a software product. All you have to do is ask. Your Client Success Team is waiting for your call.

Integrating with Your Business

Your business is only as strong as its tools and processes, and we understand the importance of those tools needing to work together.


Our goal is for CXT Software to integrate with your business and, therefore, your other critical business applications. A great deal of Product and Engineering time this year was dedicated to streamlining the unsung heroes of the software – integrations. Hundreds of integrations with third-party services and applications require customization and data flow back and forth to ensure your shipment information is delivered without interruption.

Shipments Handled Daily

With over 250,000 shipments handled in the software suite daily and with the team’s endless improvements, CXT Software continues to deliver a complete solution for your shipment management needs.

Product Enhancements

New tools and feature enhancements have been introduced across all products throughout the year. From Parcel Tracking in the Client Portal to enhanced scanning functionality in the Driver App and billing and reporting capabilities in the Operations App, we encourage you to visit the Releases page. Each month a release notes blog is published highlighting the top features from the release, along with an overview of improvements, fixes, and a peek at what’s coming soon.

CXT Software Client Portal - Parcel Tracking

The Best is Yet to Come

While 2022 brought many successes, there are many more exciting things coming to CXT Software in the near future. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest in product announcements, events, and news from the team.

A Note from the Editor

CXT Software Nadia Zaman Marketing Coordinator

You may have noticed a different approach to our postings in 2022. I joined the CXT Software team earlier this year and it has been my mission to bring you important communications in a fun, interesting format. From our release notes and emails to our social media and website, we are committed to keeping you informed. Share, repost, comment - we love the feedback and want to keep you, our customers, engaged in what’s happening at CXT Software.

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