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Assisted Dispatch powered by is an advanced optimization feature available in CXT Software’s comprehensive product suite. The feature utilizes intelligent algorithms to provide feedback and suggestions to make your shipment business more efficient. How so? Let’s dive into the feature to learn more.

What is Assisted Dispatching?

Whether you have a crew of 10 drivers or a fleet of 100s of drivers, it is a constant juggling act determining which driver to assign to which shipments. Countless factors play into dispatcher’s decisions every day and it is not always an easy feat. Driver schedules, current locations versus the shipment’s pickup and destination, remaining workload on the driver itinerary for the day…so many things to consider!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could give you suggestions on the best choice to do the job?


Assisted dispatching does just that.


Dispatcher assistance powered by CXT Software’s integration with Beans Route takes the guesswork out of shipment assignment. It recommends the top 5 drivers to assign to individual on-demand orders or route stops.


How Does Assisted Dispatching Work?

Your Operations App connects to’s advanced dispatching system for the data exchange of your fleet’s real-time information that results in the driver recommendations.’s powerful system can optimize over 10M+ permutations in minutes resulting in fast, up-to-the-minute results for your dispatcher to use.

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This is where all the intelligent data exchange begins. Information from your Operations App that helps build your driver recommendations include:

Assisted Dispatch - data exchange

Beans Route takes it from there. Based on this data as well as your dispatcher’s settings for driver capabilities and delivery constraints, the assisted dispatching system starts to determine the five best drivers. 


These considerations can include service and pickup/delivery times and grace periods, estimated traffic speeds, predicted load/unload times, ETA impact on the driver’s existing shipments, and more.


Drivers and routes that don’t fit the criteria are eliminated from consideration, and then the Assisted Dispatch tool prioritizes the remaining pool of drivers. Dispatchers are able to review the recommendations, see the recommended drivers’ manifests, update ETAs, and more within the feature.

How Assisted Dispatching Improves Efficiency

The efficiency and effectiveness of your driver workforce is deeply intertwined with the successfulness of your business. Equally important is the effectiveness of your dispatchers. By equipping your dispatchers with advanced tools to tackle the difficult, high-level considerations to delegate well-planned shipment assignments, you are paving the way for simplified dispatching and improved operations.


With the help of Assisted Dispatch, your dispatchers can choose from two key aspects when determining the optimal drivers:

  • Time – Prioritizes time savings when calculating best driver recommendations
  • Distance – Prioritizes distance reduction when calculating best driver recommendations

Optimization services such as Assisted Dispatch can help your fleet produce up to 25% more stops per hour and up to 40% fewer miles driven. Especially with today’s turbulent diesel and fuel costs, miles driven and better fuel consumption are considerable driving factors in the logistics industry.


Finding the optimal drivers available for work leads to better fleet management and increased driver performance. By letting the algorithms do the work for you to identify the best drivers to take on additional shipments, you are also finding holes in itineraries that can allow your company to take on more work, keep your drivers at capacity, and keep your business making money.

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Assisted Dispatch is available from CXT Software for both the Professional and Enterprise subscription plans.


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