SMS and the Transformation of Courier Communication

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We live in a technology-driven world. So many tasks, connections, and experiences are handled by the smart device in the palm of your hand.📱 The delivery and logistics business is no different. 


How can we improve courier services using the tools at our disposal? How can we improve consignor and consignee satisfaction using the technology they already have ready in hand?


The answer is simple – but not yet widely adopted – SMS notifications.

On-the-Go Communication

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Ease of access to information is key in today’s on-the-go culture. Whether your company’s focus is on B2B goods or B2C home delivery, your clients and their customers want the important details regarding their shipments. SMS makes this possible with a simple and convenient method of having all your updates communicated directly to the recipient. 🗣

Shipment information can often be time-sensitive, making it even more critical to ensure recipients receive the updates in a timely manner. Unlike emails that can go unread for long periods of time, SMS messages reach people fast. According to ZipWhip, 58% of consumers cited texting as the most effective way to reach them quickly. 

Customized Messaging

With customized messaging, you make the communication process appear seamless to the consignee. The recipient wouldn’t need to have access to a portal or require a sign-in to get the updates they need regarding their shipment. Alerts would automatically be triggered as configured in your app based on the lifecycle of the shipment.

There's an Alert for That

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As the carrier, you can enable and customize as many or as few alerts that best fit your company’s workflow. Some of the most commonly used alerts include:


  • “ETA Update” when order or route stop times are adjusted due to a change in a driver’s itinerary
  • “Next Pickup” when the driver is on their way and the client’s shipment is their next pickup stop for on-demand orders
  • “Next Delivery” when the shipment is the next destination in the driver’s itinerary for on-demand orders
  • “Delivered” to notify customers that their shipment has been completed

In our Operations App, you can set up SMS notifications for virtually any shipment status event. Over 40 status alerts are currently available in the Operations App with more coming in the near future including “Out for Delivery.”

Why SMS Matters to Your Bottom Line

SMS notifications are a “pay per use” model in all courier software platforms so why invest in the feature when companies are trying to stay lean with their operations budget?


Your clients and their customers are why. 


Notifications are becoming an industry norm thanks to dominant online retailers and big-box companies keeping businesses and consumers informed with status alerts such as delivery confirmations, ETA’s detailing “your order is 10 stops away,” and more. That level of customer experience is hence becoming the norm.


It may seem minor but keeping your customers in the know about shipment statuses will help build a level of trust and confidence in your services. Happy clients + happy customers = happy business owners 🎉

Get Started Today

CXT Software offers SMS functionality at the best value in the industry. Our dedicated Client Success Team is a valuable resource available to demonstrate the feature and facilitate training on configuring SMS notifications for your business.


Reach out to our Client Success Team and get started today.

sms notification,delivery alert,courier business,courier software,package tracking,delivery status

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