Exciting New Integration: Loadchief & CXT Software

last-mile delivery,drivers,loadchief

Two leading software companies that serve the red-hot final-mile delivery industry, CXT Software and Loadchief, today announced they will begin integration of their platforms to offer a whole new suite of digital tools for courier companies to compete in the era of gig-economy ‘disruptors’. The new integration will combine the user-friendly power of CXT Software’s dispatch software platform with instant access to Loadchief’s industry-leading fleet of pre-screened professional delivery drivers. This powerful combination will fundamentally alter how courier companies compete with the gig economy.

last-mile delivery,drivers,loadchief

“From day one, we saw Loadchief as a potent weapon to help delivery companies compete in the gig economy. This exciting partnership with CXT Software offers a whole new level of opportunity to strengthen our industry."

Delivery companies post their delivery work to the Loadchief digital marketplace free of charge. The platform instantly shares the opportunities with its fleet of ‘ready-to-go’ professional drivers, which Loadchief has already vetted. Only drivers matching the job requirements and screening standards for that job can accept the work—an option exclusively offered by Loadchief. In doing so, Loadchief enhances confidence in the last-mile sector, contrasting gig-economy companies that use lifestyle drivers that often make deliveries to earn extra income in their spare time. While this model may be acceptable for certain low-dollar deliveries, it neglects the need for professional drivers for a significant volume of B2B deliveries of dramatically higher value.


“Delivering high-dollar equipment, pharmaceuticals, studio films and other specialized items requires trained, trusted professionals – and that is where Loadchief really shines. We bring the right talent to the job to have things done correctly and with peace of mind,” explained Burnett.


Partnering in this effort, CXT Software is a leading dispatch software provider to the delivery industry. Offering dispatching tools, route optimization, operations overview and parcel management, CXT Software provides a full spectrum of logistics tools for courier and last-mile companies of all sizes.


This collaboration will provide unmatched efficiency for courier companies who will now be able to manage their delivery work in the software environment they know, while also having new access to a substantially larger pool of professional drivers, avoiding the search and screening efforts that typically go along with driver recruitment.

Derek Figg - Chief Operating Officer

“We are excited to team up with Loadchief. We have always believed in working across the industry with an open-door approach to helping companies in the last-mile space succeed. Providing our customers instant access to Loadchief’s pool of drivers will only stand to benefit them and help the industry compete into the future."​

About Loadchief

Loadchief is a revolutionary platform connecting delivery companies with credentialed, independent drivers to provide on-demand and routed delivery services. Using the platform, courier companies can increase their delivery reach and open new markets with an on-demand pool of carefully vetted and professional “ready to go” contractors. Learn more about Loadchief at www.loadchief.com.


About CXT Software

CXT Software is the industry-leading shipment management platform for logistics needs throughout North America. The company provides courier, last-mile, LTL, distribution and customized logistics businesses with the technology and support service necessary to compete and grow in the ever-evolving delivery industry. CXT Software is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a trusted logistics partner to thousands of businesses for over 20 years.

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