Final-Mile Automation Spotlight in Commercial Carrier Journal

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It was great to be featured in the CCJ’s technology news and briefs alongside Wise Systems!

CXT Software has a new license agreement to use Wise Systems’ AI-driven routing and dispatching platform, making it the first courier technology company to license Wise’s software.

“We are bringing to market arguably the most powerful and only AI-driven route optimization for the industry,” said Shaun Richardson, chief executive of CXT Software.

Technology from Wise Systems and CXT Software will automatically recommend optimal drivers to assign to orders based on the fleet’s capacity and constraints. In addition, Wise Systems and CXT Software will deliver a product suite of last-mile delivery software to help drivers and dispatchers manage distribution operations. Wise Systems continues to expand in dynamic delivery industries, which include parcel and courier, with customers such as Anheuser-Busch and Lyft.

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