The Meaning of B2B and How CXT Software Can Optimize the Supply Chain

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Here at CXT software, even though we aren’t a delivery company ourselves, we share a kindred spirit as one through our suite of apps and courier software that power courier and distribution companies all throughout North America. Leaving the actual deliveries to couriers, we focus on the behind-the-scenes of shipment delivery: shipment tracking in real-time, communication between driver and dispatch manager, route mapping, and more. Courier and distribution agencies utilize our software to help them deliver faster, safer, and more efficiently. B2B describes the courier services transporting products between businesses rather than between a retailer and a consumer. For example, we track, optimize, and provide support to the couriers who make deliveries made between auto parts stores or medical couriers taking lab samples between facilities.

When our company realized that the market was lacking an app that met all of the demanding needs of the delivery industry, we put our minds together to create the CXT Software Suite, a set of courier apps and software that prioritized logistics as well as all the features necessary to optimize this critical step in the supply chains. 

Optimizing the supply chain is critical for any business that wants not only to satisfy its customers but also to increase its margins. The supply chain makes up all the steps that transform raw materials into the final product that is sold to the consumer. Our company noticed at each of these steps there were ways for costs to be lowered. By minimizing wasted energy and materials, CXT software optimizes the section of the supply chain where products are delivered between businesses. Even though this step is typically never seen by the consumer, it is essential for a functioning economy and for businesses that want to thrive. 

Our software completes this optimization by providing couriers a way to be more efficient with their time. CXT Software tracks shipments throughout the entire chain of custody in real-time, not only where their package was most recently scanned but where it is “right now,” providing a visual tracking feature that allows couriers and consumers to follow their package to delivery. Furthermore, once the shipment is delivered, CXT Software offers a photo-on-delivery feature that allows you to capture the moment when your customer’s shipment reaches its destination. Our courier apps go beyond tracking shipments and also utilize GPS tracking to provide route optimization to give our drivers the most time-efficient route. Additionally, consumers can drop a pin to the location they want their shipments delivered, which is especially helpful if an address does not exist at that location. CXT also serves as a central hub for communication as it provides synchronized communication between countless drivers and dispatch managers to ensure safety and efficiency. This method has been proven to be more effective than communicating by telephone and reduces miscommunication between the driver and their dispatch manager. Additionally, our app offers 24/7 support, enabling the opportunity for delivery support to take place around the clock. 

Increasingly, more B2B transactions are being completed online through e-commerce networks. Some of these networks have forecasted that online B2B transactions will make up 17% of the total B2B market by 2023, a noticeable increase from the 12% predicted in 2018. The difference between online transactions and conventional ones is the method used. For the most part, E-commerce takes place on an online sales portal rather than manual transactions that take place via phone or email between sales representatives. As our world becomes more digital, we can expect this trend to increase. Online portals for courier and distribution companies have been proven to be simpler to manage, more effective at keeping track of orders, and at times, are more cost-conscious than manual methods.

In order to maximize success in the delivery industry, B2B couriers need to be supplied with software that keeps up with the evolving trends and requirements of the rapidly modernizing and digitizing world. Our goal is to avoid what those before us faced: a market that lacked the necessary tools to maximize customer satisfaction and business to business efficiency. 

Through in-depth research and analysis, our team at CXT Software created an app that accounts for all of these inefficiencies. We are excited and ready to tackle whatever the future holds with our ever-evolving mentality and our desire to perpetually look for new ways to improve and innovate.

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