Driver 3.0: All new look. 📱

Driver App 3.0.17 (November 2020)

  • Fixed an issue with continuous scanning individual parcels.

Driver App 3.0.16 (October 2020)

  • Added a new pop up on the stop info page to alert users whenever there is a contactless pickup or delivery.
  • Added the ability to manually scan master barcodes.
  • Multi-select functionality to the message center.
  • Additional options to allow users to filter the stop list by available BOLs.
  • Swipe-to-delete functionality for attachments and accessorials.
  • Added the ability to search the BOL on the stops list.
  • Improved workflow for the “Next” button functionality.
  • Improvement made to handling status codes with long descriptions were getting cut off.
  • Improved “GPS Required” feature to display warning messages to users whenever GPS is lost after login and the restriction is enforced.
  • Updated consolidation logic to better handle “NULL” values within the address 2 field.
  • Added the Billing Group field data to the Shipment Details screen.
  • Moved Reference 1, Reference 2, and Billing Group data over to the Stop Info screen for orders and route stops to allow for a better user experience.
  • Improvement to Sort & Seg Master Barcode functionality to maintain a dictionary for all first scanned parcels on each master barcode by stop.
  • Background GPS data collection was increased for performance.
  • Fixed an issue where decimals were being accepted as parcel item values.
  • Fixed an issue where some stops weren’t showing on the parcel pair screen list as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where scanning via Bluetooth or camera was allowed to be marked as a manual scan.
  • Fixed an issue where the continuous scanning toggle would not maintain the setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Complete” button on the VPOD screen was not progressing the user through the workflow.
  • Fixed an issue where Nextstop users were able to use their default parcel type on overage parcels even though the parcel type was not enabled on the customer record which caused the parcel to not be created in X Dispatch.
  • Fixed an issue for Android users where the “Always Allow” GPS Location permission was not being displayed as an option.

Driver App 3.0.8 (May 2020)

  • Better display for which parcels have been scanned and which parcels are still awaiting scan on the Parcels screen.
  • New audible notifications of “Good” and “Incorrect” for scanning master barcodes to let the user know whether their scans were successful or not.
  • Added more links to the navigation menu for better usability throughout the application.
  • Added AM/PM indicators to time stamps within the “Session GPS Info” to reduce confusion.
  • Updated the name of the update sync log to “Sync Error Log” to better describe the intended functionality of the data.
  • Enforce attachment size restrictions when using the “Files” section to upload, so that the attachment size doesn’t exceed the max allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where some events being stored in the database while the driver was offline were being processed out of order, causing some events to fail when the user came back online.
  • Fixed an issue where the overage scanning warning was being displayed when scanning expected generic parcels.
  • Fixed an issue where the signature collection screen could repeat in the workflow.
  • Parcel scanning performance improvement to fix an issue with scan degradation over time causing slowness between scans.
  • Fixed an issue where BOL’s were not being applied to consolidated stops.
  • Fixed an issue where in app sounds would stop working on iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue where a loading animation was preventing progressing through the app.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stop Info screen was only showing one account when order consolidation was being used instead of listing all associated accounts.

Driver App 3.0.6 (April 2020)

  • When receive scanning, the ability to create master barcodes, add status codes, and add attachments on a receive stop with a facility.
  • Display new and existing jobs, but inability to proceed through the workflow or confirm new work unless GPS/Location Services is enabled.
  • Biometric login for devices with fingerprint readers or face ID.
  • Parcel items for better tracking of individual pieces inside a parcel.
  • Ability to provide visual proof of delivery.
  • Added Pickup and Delivery indicator to stop information.
  • Upload all attachment file types instead of just being able to attach image files.
  • Assign BOL’s to orders.
  • Filter future orders.
  • Enable/disable Overage Defaults.
  • Notification center to house all Nextstop notifications.
  • Custom notification sounds to assign specific sounds to different actions.
  • Select between silent or vibrate when muting notifications on the mobile device.
  • “Master Barcode Mode” option in Receive Stops that allows you to select between
  • Consolidated Scan and Palletized Scan.
  • View order and route stop remarks and notes.
  • Logout warning for un-synced data.
  • Improvement made to cut down on data usage.

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