Driver 3.1: More Great Things!

Driver App 3.1.1 (April 2021)

  • Added the ability to use the mobile device’s camera to scan a barcode into the POD field when completing a stop.
  • Added the ability to open URL links listed within the Remarks, Comments, Notes, Short Remarks, Long Remarks, and Email Message fields.
  • Added a new Help option within the navigation that provides mobile users access to the Nextstop Manual and How-To documentation.
  • Updated the display of “NaN” (Not a Number) to “No Lat/Lon” within the mileage calculation field when the system was having an issue calculating the distance.
  • Fixed an issue where parcel creation was being rejected when scanning a parcel overage for a customer that required parcel status codes if using a default parcel type that wasn’t allowed by the customer record.
  • Fixed an issue where un-scanning the last scanned overage parcel would sometimes create an infinite navigation loop.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Closest to Me” sorting option on the stops list was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue attempting to open unsupported TXT, DOCX, and XLSX files would require the app to be closed.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing an attachment and custom view pages would sometimes cause issues.

Driver App 3.1.0 (March 2021)

  • Added the “Received at Dock” functionality so it has feature parity with Nextstop 2.
  • Added flight information related to dispatched orders.
  • Added permission-based “Forgot Password” link to login, so mobile users can initiate password recovery without contacting the carrier.
  • Updated label text in Nextstop 3 for a more user-friendly display.
  • Added GPS / Location Services in-app privacy policy and disclaimer of our data access, collection, and use.
  • Added a “Batch Scan” option to give users the ability to mark all parcels on a receive stop as scanned after the first initial scan.
  • Added a “Check In” prompt modal upon login if the driver has the permission to do remote check in and is not already checked into the dispatch board.
  • Update made to the Future Order Display menu options in the Mobile Option Set to better describe its intended functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where parcel description information wasn’t displaying on all of the intended fields.
  • Fixed an issue where the iOS push notification sound permission was missing from some device’s Settings menus. Please note that some devices require users to use the “Clear Cache” option through the device’s Settings menu if the issue doesn’t correct upon initial upgrade.
  • Fixes an issue where there wasn’t a pop up presented to users to turn off the itinerary audio loop alerts.

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Let's meet! Request a
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