Rapid Ship Courier Software
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Are you ready to go after new business, and compete with the largest delivery companies? Rapidship Client is built to compete for business with the largest national shipping companies. Rapidship Client provides customers with faster and more efficient order placement than ever before. This latest addition to CXT Software’s application suite provides end users with the ability to create templates, quickly place orders and print labels all from one application.

We developed a software solution that drastically reduces order entry time, and leverages a deep integration with the X Dispatch software suite. Many of the largest carriers and overnight delivery companies have their own proprietary “quick shipping” software application for their end user customers to use. Rapidship Client brings a similar, if not better, set of capabilities to CXT Software customers.

In addition to customer-facing improvements, Rapidship Client, development required a significant expansion to CXT Software’s compliment of web services. These enhancements provide the CXT Software a future-ready technology solution capable of staying at the forefront of the industry. These advances are used in a new generation of X Dispatch web offerings and continue expanding the use of new tools.